The Wondrous Writings of Willhelm Warlock of Wolfhaven Handmade Arcane Spell Book

Size: Small 5"x6"
Color: Wine
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The Wondrous Writings of Willhelm Warlock of Wolfhaven is a master collection of 36 arcane spells majestically bound in this handmade spell book prop.

Volume 1 contains lower-level spells, inspired by 5th edition and designed to function across RP platforms. Whether it is for your weekly RPG, your monthly LARP group, or even your Wizarding World Cosplay, this book is just for you. 

Printed on our finest Archival Grade Canvas each spell will blow you away with its depth of color that will last the ages. To add to the immersion we have bound each tome with hand-forged steel bars, expertly crafted for us by our friend and celebrity blacksmith, Gil The Vlogsmith.

The artist for these spells wishes to remain anonymous.


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