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Trillium City Map by Alyssa Faden

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Map Description: Originally drawn for Alex Kammer, the coastal city of Trillium is an ancient bastion of trade and wealth. While officially self-referenced as the “City of Enchantment” it is also known as “Bridge City” for the complicated and well-engineered network of bridges that connect the three major islands in the mouth of the Oriana river to both banks of the river. The estuary of the gentle outflowing Oriana River as it flows into the Sapphire sea, combined with the miles of protected and deep harbor made for excellent anchorage. In addition to the trio of major islands in the mouth of the river, the city's main geographic feature are the four hills that define it. They vary in size, but they have this in common – they each contain the most sought after and expensive real-estate in the city. They also make up the four primary districts of the city; each of these hills is broken into many sub districts that have developed organically over time.


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