Oh! Hello! I didn’t see you there!

Hehe. Sorry, that’s my little joke.

My name is Mr. Dandy, and I’m here to tell you about my new, fabulous miniatures: The Orpherics.

We Orpherics are a curious race.

Uh, that’s curious as in we like to learn, not the … you know what, never mind.

We like to study new things, places, and peoples. All nouns, really. We love traveling to new worlds and planes. We love to meet new and interesting people, and we love to make new things!

Treasure to give away? We’ve got it! Quests to move your plots along? We can give them! Villains to be your BBEG? We are tremendous actors! Why, my portrayal of Erik the Opera Ghost really brought down the house in Paris!

Heh. Sorry… another little joke.

Anyway, feel free to buy these delightful reproductions of my fabulous form, and know that my friends will be joining me on stage soon!