You cannot imagine the acrobatics your tongue mechanically performs in order to produce all the sounds of a language. ― ʃ 2 ʊ ɔ ʃ ɔ ʊ 3 4 Grammar is the greatest joy in life, don't you find? — Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events 5 6 7 Imperative Mood   Conditional Mood 8 9 10 I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. ― Gertrude Stein, Lectures in America ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓ 11 12 13 ⮡⮡⮡⮡⮡ 14 If the word doesn't exist, invent it; but first be sure it doesn't exist. ― Charles Baudelaire 14 Alphabet “There is another alphabet, whispering from every leaf, singing from every river, shimmering from every sky.” ― Dejan Stojanovic Khuzdul uses an impure logophonetic abjad, a holdover from Khuzdul’s triconsonantal roots. The focus is on consonantal markings, which are given additional marks based on the vowels attached to them, creating an impure abjad. In multi-syllable words, these consonantal markings are then arranged into a snowflake-like shape that represents an entire word, generally read from left-to-right, making it logophonetic. The charts below list the symbol and the Romanized form. See Chapter 1 (Phonology), for specific information regarding pronunciation. Consonants b d Chapter 5 15 f g h k kh l m 16 n p r s ş t v 17 y z Vowels Vowels attach to their consonant on the bottom part of their staff. If a word starts with a vowel, it is omitted, and if a syllable ends in two vowels, the last vowel is omitted as well, with the word inferred by context. a i e u o û ô WritingWords When writing a Khuzdul word, first determine the number of consonants in the word. This will determine the initial shape: Note that these numbers indicate the order in which lines are added. Khuzdul words are always read clockwise from the leftmost line. When the 5th and 7th lines are added, the bottom two, or top two, lines are evenly spaced. 18 After this, add the appropriate consonantal markings and vowels on each staff. Note that the consonants or vowels are not mirrored,they are only rotated. Let us examine the following word, Khuzdul: Starting on the left horizontal and moving clockwise, we have KHU-Z-DU-L forming the word Khuzdul. Punctuation Khuzdul does not include spaces between words, as they are easily distinguishable; however, writers do sometimes use spaces to indicate pauses, as we would use a comma. Khuzdul ends sentences with a vertical line with no markings: | As Khuzdul begins questions with a specific question word, a special marking equivalent to the question mark has not had the need to be developed. 19 Phrasebook My Romanian is pretty much limited to useful phrases like, 'Are these snakes poisonous?' and 'But you look much too young to be a police officer.’ — Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments Index of Abbreviations F feminine M masculine N neutral SG singular PL plural LIT literal INF informal POL polite 🆀🆀 🅰🅰 Question and Answer Pair Basics Good morning. Generally used before 10 AM Dunşikhnes.POL Dunşnes. INF LIT First greeting Good day. Used at any daylight hour. Dunşişlo. POL Dunşlo. INF LIT Daylight greeting Good evening. Used between dusk and dawn. Dunşiyûyo. POL Dunşyo. INF LIT Evening/Night greeting Hello. Dunşi. 🆀🆀How are you? Leş yû nev khmôhziv? POL Leş yû khmôhziv? INF LIT Are you content? 🅰🅰 I’m fine, and you? Nev. Leş şibi? LIT Am. Yourself? 🆀🆀 What’s your name? Leş bi kel nev duf? 🅰🅰My name is… Mum kel nev… POL Chapter 6 20 Mum kel… INF Nice to meet you. Yû bobûvii khnôt. LIT You exist now. Please. A suffix attached to the imperative verb. Please get that tool. -naru. Hômvonaru ve khômrouv hûduv. Thank you. Yûkhazmu. LIT I should be obliged (to thank you). You’re welcome. Yû şlilgu. POL LIT I agree (that you should be obliged to thank me). Nev. INF LIT Yep. Yes. Nev. Fûlkha.Begrudging response to an imperative. No. Lud. Khmôkhin.Defiant response to an imperative. Vulgar/a swear. Excuse me. Yûkhazmu. LIT I should be obliged (to excuse myself). I am sorry. Yûkhazmu. LIT I should be obliged (to apologize). I apologize. Yûr gatumôkhuvgu.Rare; only used for very serious offenses. Goodbye. Khmôza. Good night. Used when going to sleep; generally only said to children. Huşhuv. LITSleep-time. Some constructions may seem somewhat unorthodox, even harsh, to the English ear. In particular how “Nice to meet you” translates directly as “You exist now.” This can be attributed to Dwarven culture, where Dwarves are highly skeptical of strangers and, in essence, do not acknowledge them until they have been properly introduced. Understanding Do you speak…? Leş yû kelhui ve…? Khuzdul Khuzdulkhet English Inûglikhet French Fûranşekhet German Dukhet Chinese Khukokukhet Japanese Nihonkhet 21 Hindi Hinikhet 🆀🆀 Howdo you say…inKhuzdul? Leş … nev yô Khuzdulkhet ve duf? LITWhat is…with Khuzdul? 🅰🅰 It’s… Nev… I can’t speakKhuzdul(very well). Yûr kelhugu (gaş) lud ve Khuzdulkhet. I don’t understand. Yûr hûgu lud. Speak more slowly. Please speak more slowly. Kelhuvo ûdzûkôm muf. Kelhuvonaru ûdzûkôm muf. What Duf Where Zanşi Who Mur When Şu Which Muz How Şloyôd How much? Kôkil duf? Help! Şlolvo! Look out! Goyûta! Numbers Khuzdul’s number system is fairly standard. Numbers go from zero to ten, then simply ten-one, ten-two, and so on. Each set of ten thereafter is marked as two-ten, three-ten, etc. For example, 43 would be read as four ten three. Longer numbers continue this pattern (see 1987 below). Certain numbers have polite/formal forms; archaic forms that are reserved forformal occasions. One Nal Nalpûhtum POL Six Zatû zatûvo POL Two Mod Seven Şlovûl şlovûlkhu POL Three Bam Eight Bodo Four Yûze Nine Lulpi Five Bir Ten Khas Eleven Khas nal Twenty Mod khas Twenty-one Mod khas nal Hundred Zakhôdô One Hundred One Zakhôdô nal Thousand Khnômôfni 22 Million Luşi Billion Bonim Trillion Khmôsaş Zero Hûn 1987 Khnômôfni lulpi zakhôdô bodo khas şlovûl Half Tûr Less Luf More Muf First Khnes Second Hûs Third Khmôve Fourth (and higher) Yûzedu (add –du to the number) Date and Time 🆀🆀 What day is it? Leş hur nev ve duf? 🅰🅰 Today is… Nev… 🆀🆀 What time is it? Leş huv nev ve duf? 🅰🅰 It is…o’clock (Two o’clock) Nev…(Nev mod) Half before… (Half before two) Tûr bam. Expressing Time (Eighteen past two) (Twenty-five til three) [Minutes] zahi [Current hour] [Minutes] goz [Next hour] (khas bodo zahi mod) (mod khas bir goz bam) Today Hur Yesterday Duşûkhuv Day before yesterday Nal goz duşûkhuv LIT One under yesterday. Tomorrow tulkhi Day after tomorrow Nal zahi tulkhi LIT One over tomorrow. Now Khnôt Later Khôu Before Tuo POL Goz INF LIT Under 23 After Yôl POL Zahi INF LIT Over At night …vûm yûyo Khuzdul uses the 12 hour clock to express time. In general, Khuzdul does not specify AM or PM for daylight hours, but speakers may add vûm yûyoto specify a time at night. 24 Khuzdul-English Dictionar y You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. — William Goldman, The Princess Bride A amudiş /ˈamudiʃ/ adj. homely amudumûhzuf /ˈamuˌ dumʊhzuf/ adj. dirty amudus /ˈamudus/ adj. distant amuduşfuz /ˈamuˌ duʃfuz/ adj. central amufûz /ˈamufʊz/ adj. anxious amugayid /ˈamuˌ gajid/ adj. painful amuhûlkha /ˈamuˌ hʊlxa/ adj. absent amuhûtu /ˈamuˌ hʊtu/ adj. bloody amukhaf /ˈamuxaf/ adj. beautiful amukhakhuf /ˈamuˌ xaxuf/ adj. evident amukhmage /ˈamuxˌ mage/ adj. dangerous amukhnev /ˈamuxnev/ adj. risky amukhôşfôr /ˈamuˌ xɔʃfɔr/ adj. sexual amukôdzal /ˈamuˌ kɔdzal/ adj. messy amukôlôd ked /ˈamuˌ kɔlɔd ked/ nm. hospital amukôlôd /ˈamuˌ kɔlɔd/ adj. sick amululkem /ˈamuˌ lulkem/ adj. golden amumir /ˈamumir/ adj. divine amunadiz /ˈamuˌ nadiz/ adj. furious amuname /ˈamuˌ name/ adj. skilled amuşlogla /ˈamuˌ ʃlogla/ adj. greedy amusovnod /ˈamuˌ sovnod/ adj. ironic amutûbo /ˈ amuˌtʊbo/ adj. fashionable amutûl /ˈamutʊl/ adj. successful amutur /ˈamutur/ adj. logical amutur /ˈamutur/ adj. reasonable amuvûr /ˈamuvʊr/ adj. expensive amuyôd /ˈamujɔd/ adj. urban amuyûmre /ˈamuˌ jʊmre/ adj. proud amuzaş /ˈamuzaʃ/ adj. healthy amuze /ˈamuze/ adj. friendly B ba /ba/ det. many bad /bad/ nm. bulb baf /baf/ nf. skeleton bal /bal/ nm. baby, infant bam /bam/ num. three ban /ban/ nm. idea, theory bar /bar/ adv. actually bas /bas/ v. leave baş /baʃ/ nm. bowl bat /bat/ v. cook (heat food), cook (prepare food) bav /bav/ nf. member baz /baz/ nm. ink bi /bi/ det. your bi /bi/ det. all bibu /ˈbibu/ nm. precinct biduf /ˈbiduf/ nf. crater bidzut /ˈbidzut/ nm. sin bif /bif/ adj. only bifil /ˈbifil/ nm. firearm bifit /ˈbifit/ adj. definite bifud /ˈbifud/ nn. leather bigli /ˈbigli/ c. albeit bigu /ˈbigu/ prep. despite bihi /ˈbihi/ nm. cousin bihtul /ˈbihtul/ nn. margin bihu /ˈbihu/ det. no bihzuv /ˈbihzuv/ adj. gradual bilhi /ˈbilhi/ nm. acquaintance bilkhi /ˈbilxi/ adj. median bilkud /ˈbilkud/ nm. salon bilmuv /ˈbilmuv/ nf. fringe bilpu /ˈbilpu/ v. lift, raise bilud /ˈbilud/ nm. file bilyid /ˈbiljid/ nn. sale 25 bilyiv /ˈbiljiv/ nm. bastard bim /bim/ nm. music, melody, tune bimi /ˈbimi/ nn. block, brick bimu /ˈbimu/ pron. anything bin /bin/ nm. term binid /ˈbinid/ nf. university binuf /ˈbinuf/ nm. burger binum /ˈbinum/ nf. business bir /bir/ num. five biryu /ˈbirju/ nm. nephew bis /bis/ adj. little biş /biʃ/ nm. show bişfiz /ˈbiʃfiz/ adv. nevertheless, regardless, even though bisi /ˈbisi/ nm. mind bişi /ˈbiʃi/ nn. oval bisri /ˈbisri/ nn. lip bişu /ˈbiʃu/ nm. showcase bisuf /ˈbisuf/ nm. rate bit /bit/ nf. land, earth, ground, soil, dust, clay biti /ˈbiti/ adj. wet, damp, moist bitir /ˈbitir/ nm. moisture biu /ˈbiu/ adj. holy biv /biv/ nf. elbow bivi /ˈbivi/ adj. benign bivu /ˈbivu/ nn. boot biyi /ˈbiji/ nf. agriculture biyu /ˈbiju/ v. head biz /biz/ nm. coat, jacket bo /bo/ det. their (feminine) bo /bo/ nm. life boa /ˈboa/ adj. wholesome bobi /ˈbobi/ nn. pasta bobo /ˈbobo/ nf. trousers, pants bobô /ˈbobɔ/ nn. thing, stuff, object bobûo /ˈbobʊo/ v. copy, imitate, mimic, replicate bobûvi /ˈbobʊvi/ v. exist bobûvit /ˈbobʊvit/ nm. existence bod /bod/ adv. yet bodev /ˈbodev/ nn. birth bodez /ˈbodez/ adj. exotic bodo /ˈbodo/ num. eight bodzôs /ˈbodzɔs/ v. propel bodzûhû /ˈbodzʊhʊ/ nm. twilight bof /bof/ v. erase bofna /ˈbofna/ nn. subject bofne /ˈbofne/ adj. renowned bofno /ˈbofno/ nn. sewage bofnûlho /ˈbofnʊlho/ nm. lion bofşa /ˈbofʃa/ nn. pistol bofşûho /ˈbofʃʊho/ nm. quality bofşûşo /ˈbofʃʊʃo/ v. improve bofûfşa /ˈbofʊfʃa/ v. conquer bofûfşat /ˈbofʊfʃat/ nm. conquest boge /ˈboge/ v. rape bogla /ˈbogla/ v. irrigate bogle /ˈbogle/ nm. alphabet bogli /ˈbogli/ nf. embargo bogo /ˈbogo/ nn. dew bohe /ˈbohe/ adj. bitter boho /ˈboho/ adj. thin, narrow bohtôlmôf /ˈbohtɔlmɔf/ adj. elegant bohtom /ˈbohtom/ nf. criteria bohyas /ˈbohjas/ nm. stall bohyûkel /ˈbohjʊkel/ nm. honey bohzav /ˈbohzav/ v. populate bokad /ˈbokad/ nm. nonsense bokaz min /ˈbokaz min/ nf. wool bokaz /ˈbokaz/ nn. sheep boked /ˈboked/ nm. trend bokôz /ˈbokɔz/ nm. administration bokûgle /ˈbokʊgle/ nf. cherry bol /bol/ nm. wrist bolad /ˈbolad/ v. precede boled /ˈboled/ nm. temple bolkes /ˈbolkes/ prep. among bolket /ˈbolket/ nf. mammal bolkho /ˈbolxo/ adj. bankrupt, broke bolmaf /ˈbolmaf/ adj. deliberate bolmef /ˈbolmef/ v. snatch bolod /ˈbolod/ v. focus bolon /ˈbolon/ v. kick bolpa kôgli /ˈbolpa ˈ kɔgli/ nm. razor bolpa /ˈbolpa/ v. shave bolyin /ˈboljin/ nm. tuna bolyoz /ˈboljoz/ nn. wedge bom /bom/ adj. right, correct, appropriate, valid boma /ˈboma/ adj. convenient bomi /ˈbomi/ nm. prince bomôglu /ˈbomɔglu/ nm. energy bomûgi /ˈbomʊgi/ nn. biscuit bomûkhir /ˈbomʊxir/ nn. education bomûlkul /ˈbomʊlkul/ adj. modest bomûzu /ˈbomʊzu/ nf. hangover bomyaf /ˈbomjaf/ adj. tired bomyez /ˈbomjez/ adj. dark bomyezûr /ˈbomjezʊr/ nn. darkness bomyir /ˈbomjir/ nm. motion bon /bon/ nf. breakfast bonet /ˈbonet/ nm. gauge bonim /ˈbonim/ num. billion bonof /ˈbonof/ nf. paradox bonor /ˈbonor/ nf. yacht bonşo /ˈbonʃo/ v. convert bonşûryi /ˈbonʃʊrji/ v. defend bonşûryit /ˈbonʃʊrjit/ nn. defense bonûte /ˈbonʊte/ nm. spell (of magic) bor /bor/ v. boil borûşi /ˈborʊʃi/ nm. furniture boryi /ˈborji/ adj. sturdy bos /bos/ nm. case boş /boʃ/ v. sell bosa /ˈbosa/ adj. addicted bosar /ˈbosar/ nf. axe bose /ˈbose/ nn. hallway, corridor boşfin /ˈboʃfin/ v. suppress boşfôd /ˈboʃfɔd/ prep. versus bosrôyo /ˈbosrɔjo/ nm. mold boşûhtut /ˈboʃʊhtut/ nn. design boşûkul /ˈboʃʊkul/ nf. staple bot /bot/ nn. nation bota /ˈbota/ nm. husband botal /ˈbotal/ adj. national botûkos /ˈbotʊkos/ adj. worthy bov /bov/ v. play (have fun), compete bova /ˈbova/ nf. staff bove /ˈbove/ adj. tangible bovo /ˈbovo/ adj. rigorous bovrel /ˈbovrel/ nm. king, emperor bovrev /ˈbovrev/ nn. ring bovrûme /ˈbovrʊme/ nm. dagger boyi /ˈboji/ v. disguise boyûrya /ˈbojʊrja/ nn. dean boza /ˈboza/ nf. specialist boze /ˈboze/ v. resent bozi /ˈbozi/ nn. jar bozô /ˈbozɔ/ nf. north bozûlon /ˈbozʊlon/ nn. eclipse D da /da/ conj. since da /da/ det. their (masculine) dad /dad/ nm. period daf /daf/ v. live dal /dal/ nm. table dam /dam/ adv. once dan /dan/ adv. aside dar /dar/ v. scrutinize das /das/ nf. jaw daş /daʃ/ nf. west dat /dat/ nf. defect dav /dav/ nm. orgasm 26 daz /daz/ nf. funeral de /de/ conj. if debu /ˈdebu/ v. confuse ded /ded/ v. continue, keep, maintain def /def/ nf. office defnu /ˈdefnu/ v. skate defud /ˈdefud/ nm. surplus degu /ˈdegu/ v. maneuver dehu /ˈdehu/ nm. robe del /del/ adj. pretty delpu /ˈdelpu/ nf. prize dem /dem/ nf. race, ethnicity demu /ˈdemu/ adj. able demyur /ˈdemjur/ nn. hook den /den/ nf. experience denul /ˈdenul/ v. dial der /der/ nf. wing des /des/ v. show, demonstrate deş /deʃ/ nm. news deşfud /ˈdeʃfud/ v. suspect deşfudôgla /ˈdeʃfuˌ dɔgla/ adj. suspicious desru /ˈdesru/ nm. empire deşu /ˈdeʃu/ nn. noise desul /ˈdesul/ v. survive detu /ˈdetu/ nf. stereotype deu /ˈdeu/ v. bang devu /ˈdevu/ nf. stride deyu /ˈdeju/ v. worship dez /dez/ adj. funny dezu /ˈdezu/ nm. bag di /di/ det. our (including you) di /di/ v. be (located) did /did/ det. every, each dif /dif/ adj. private dil /dil/ nm. size, capacity, range, extent dim /dim/ pron. one din /din/ v. charge dir /dir/ adj. exact, precise dis /dis/ nm. information diş /diʃ/ nm. home div /div/ adj. easy diz /diz/ prep. around dô /dɔ/ nm. story, fable, history, plot dôba /ˈdɔba/ nn. cake dôder /ˈdɔder/ adj. sudden, abrupt dôdi /ˈdɔdi/ v. plant dôdoz /ˈdɔdoz/ nm. ball, bullet, sphere, circle, wheel, ring dôdûu /ˈdɔdʊu/ nm. roof, ceiling dôdzoş /ˈdɔdzoʃ/ v. regulate dôfam /ˈdɔfam/ adj. intense dôfne /ˈdɔfne/ adj. temporary dôfnô /ˈdɔfnɔ/ nm. sauce dôfnûlmin /ˈdɔfnʊlmin/ nm. renegade dôfôge /ˈdɔfɔge/ nf. drill dôfşûnşo /ˈdɔfʃʊnʃo/ nf. compost, fertilizer dôfûa /ˈdɔfʊa/ v. invite dôfûsel /ˈdɔfʊsel/ nf. article dôglo /ˈdɔglo/ nm. premise dôglô /ˈdɔglɔ/ nf. tone, pitch dôgûlkhu /ˈdɔgʊlxu/ v. wield dôha /ˈdɔha/ v. fling dôhi /ˈdɔhi/ adj. deaf dôhô /ˈdɔhɔ/ v. conform dôhtûbû /ˈdɔhtʊbʊ/ nm. fluke dôhtum /ˈdɔhtum/ nm. counter (flat, elevated surface) dôhyed /ˈdɔhjed/ nm. skull dôhziz /ˈdɔhziz/ nn. slogan dôhzûrû /ˈdɔhzʊrʊ/ nf. province dôkad /ˈdɔkad/ nn. awe dôkam /ˈdɔkam/ nn. mound dôkas /ˈdɔkas/ v. pace dôkhan /ˈdɔxan/ v. spank dôkhôd /ˈdɔxɔd/ nm. character, persona dôkhôf /ˈdɔxɔf/ v. blossom dôkhôş /ˈdɔxɔʃ/ nm. row dôkhot /ˈdɔxot/ pron. something dôkhûglô /ˈdɔxʊglɔ/ prep. along dôkhûkheş /ˈdɔxʊxeʃ/ v. clean, wash dôkhûtô /ˈdɔxʊtɔ/ nf. horn dôkom /ˈdɔkom/ nn. cave, tomb dôkûfşe /ˈdɔkʊfʃe/ adj. premier dôkûve /ˈdɔkʊve/ nm. comb dôlha /ˈdɔlha/ nn. dress dôlhe /ˈdɔlhe/ v. tie dôlhi /ˈdɔlhi/ nn. chemical dôlho /ˈdɔlho/ nm. network dôlhûdi /ˈdɔlhʊdi/ nn. paw dôlhûgi /ˈdɔlhʊgi/ v. stress dôlkhi /ˈdɔlxi/ nm. elevation dôlkôl /ˈdɔlkɔl/ nf. diamond dôlkûşû /ˈdɔlkʊʃʊ/ nm. crisis, catastrophe dôlmôş /ˈdɔlmɔʃ/ v. chase dôlmûdzûl /ˈdɔlmʊdzʊl/ nf. customer, patron, client dôlod /ˈdɔlod/ nf. tire dôlpe /ˈdɔlpe/ adj. comic dôlpi /ˈdɔlpi/ v. mean, imply dôlpo /ˈdɔlpo/ nn. quarter dôlyiz /ˈdɔljiz/ nf. clause dôlyof /ˈdɔljof/ v. glare dôlyov /ˈdɔljov/ v. chuckle dôma /ˈdɔma/ nn. image dômo /ˈdɔmo/ adj. rude, nasty dômôkim /ˈdɔmɔkim/ nn. contact dômri /ˈdɔmri/ adj. robust dônot /ˈdɔnot/ v. fail dônotat /ˈdɔnotat/ nn. failure dônoz /ˈdɔnoz/ nn. stable dôo /ˈdɔo/ nn. arrow (sign) dôro /ˈdɔro/ v. cause, induce dôrô /ˈdɔrɔ/ nm. manner dôrôgli /ˈdɔrɔgli/ v. remember, recognize dôrôglit /ˈdɔrɔglit/ nm. memory dôrûhyid /ˈdɔrʊhjid/ adj. naive dôrûlkut /ˈdɔrʊlkut/ nm. fear dôrya /ˈdɔrja/ nf. venom dôrye /ˈdɔrje/ adj. corrupt dôsa /ˈdɔsa/ adj. precious dôser /ˈdɔser/ nm. pact dôşfaf /ˈdɔʃfaf/ nm. line, column dôşfid /ˈdɔʃfid/ adj. fancy dôşfiv /ˈdɔʃfiv/ nm. goose dôşfod /ˈdɔʃfod/ nf. nursery dôşfûgle /ˈdɔʃfʊgle/ v. close, shut, block dôşfur /ˈdɔʃfur/ nm. logo dôşfûtô /ˈdɔʃfʊtɔ/ v. breed dôsi /ˈdɔsi/ v. press, squeeze dôşo /ˈdɔʃo/ nm. enterprise dôsra /ˈdɔsra/ nf. chapter dôsri /ˈdɔsri/ nm. church, chapel dôti /ˈdɔti/ nn. veteran dôtûmo /ˈdɔtʊmo/ nn. allergy dôtûto /ˈdɔtʊto/ v. contribute dôu /ˈdɔu/ nm. shore, coast dôvi /ˈdɔvi/ nm. guide dôvnam /ˈdɔvnam/ adj. live dôvne /ˈdɔvne/ v. rehearse dôvnom /ˈdɔvnom/ nf. maximum dôvô /ˈdɔvɔ/ nm. rock, stone dôvrôs /ˈdɔvrɔs/ v. exacerbate dôya /ˈdɔja/ nf. currency dôyad /ˈdɔjad/ adj. flimsy dôyûma /ˈdɔjʊma/ adj. adjacent dôze /ˈdɔze/ v. conceal dôzô /ˈdɔzɔ/ v. snap dua /ˈdua/ nm. passion dube /ˈdube/ v. walk dubô /ˈdubɔ/ nf. bell dud /dud/ v. call dudi /ˈdudi/ v. verify dudiş /ˈdudiʃ/ nm. puppet dudô /ˈdudɔ/ nm. care dudô /ˈdudɔ/ v. care dudôel /ˈdudɔel/ adj. careful dudon /ˈdudon/ v. impair 27 dudûmu /ˈdudʊmu/ v. cuddle dudzûmô /ˈdudzʊmɔ/ nn. number duf /duf/ det. what dufna /ˈdufna/ adj. thick dufnu /ˈdufnu/ nn. vanilla dufôfed /ˈdufɔfed/ nf. gallery dufşe /ˈdufʃe/ adj. polite dugle /ˈdugle/ nf. pavement duglôsa /ˈduglɔsa/ nf. anchor dugûlud /ˈdugʊlud/ nm. prairie duha /ˈduha/ nn. sibling duhi /ˈduhi/ nn. engine, motor duho /ˈduho/ v. harass duhu /ˈduhu/ v. speculate duhyim /ˈduhjim/ v. stare duhyôbe /ˈduhjɔbe/ v. prosecute duhyod /ˈduhjod/ nf. step, footstep duhyos /ˈduhjos/ nn. hoof duhyud /ˈduhjud/ v. illuminate duhzav /ˈduhzav/ v. stain duhzef /ˈduhzef/ v. migrate duhzon /ˈduhzon/ nm. moon duhzûgû /ˈduhzʊgʊ/ nn. scarf dukad /ˈdukad/ adj. fond dukam /ˈdukam/ v. rattle dukhid /ˈduxid/ nm. front duko /ˈduko/ v. haggle, negotiate dukom /ˈdukom/ v. sob dukot /ˈdukot/ nm. bank (river) dul /dul/ adv. as dulad /ˈdulad/ v. spray dulha /ˈdulha/ prep. without dulhu /ˈdulhu/ v. spill dulin /ˈdulin/ nf. gap dulit /ˈdulit/ nf. lease dulkhe /ˈdulxe/ adj. fortunate dulkhi /ˈdulxi/ adv. meanwhile dulkhu /ˈdulxu/ nm. electricity dulkhûşfuz /ˈdulxʊʃfuz/ nf. thorn dulkim /ˈdulkim/ v. enjoy dulkôl /ˈdulkɔl/ nm. voucher dulkom /ˈdulkom/ v. satisfy dulkut /ˈdulkut/ nm. wrinkle dulmef /ˈdulmef/ v. sentence dulmiş /ˈdulmiʃ/ nf. draft dulor /ˈdulor/ nm. bit dulpa /ˈdulpa/ nf. flake dulpi /ˈdulpi/ v. book dulpô /ˈdulpɔ/ nn. art dulyaz /ˈduljaz/ nf. rat duma /ˈduma/ nn. attic dume /ˈdume/ v. thrust dumo /ˈdumo/ adj. other dumre /ˈdumre/ nf. diameter dumru /ˈdumru/ nf. breast dumu /ˈdumu/ v. smile dumûhzuf /ˈdumʊhzuf/ nm. dirt dumûkhur /ˈdumʊxur/ v. warn dumûlkhu /ˈdumʊlxu/ adv. somewhat, fairly, pretty, quite dumyir /ˈdumjir/ nn. lime dumyof /ˈdumjof/ v. withdraw, take out dun /dun/ nm. peace dunat /ˈdunat/ v. tempt dunez /ˈdunez/ nm. mat dunol /ˈdunol/ nm. priority dunşi /ˈdunʃi/ interj. hello, greetings dunşo /ˈdunʃo/ adj. sharp dunşu /ˈdunʃu/ adj. inferior dunşûryi /ˈdunʃʊrji/ nf. code dunud /ˈdunud/ v. exercise dunut /ˈdunut/ adj. blunt duo /ˈduo/ nm. mountain dur /dur/ adj. violent duro /ˈduro/ v. celebrate, praise durô /ˈdurɔ/ nm. distress durûbi /ˈdurʊbi/ nf. badge durûr /ˈdurʊr/ nn. violence durya /ˈdur ja/ v. cull duryo /ˈdurjo/ nf. girl, daughter duryô /ˈdurjɔ/ nm. weather, climate, temperature duryu /ˈdurju/ nm. carrot dus /dus/ nm. distance duş /duʃ/ nf. silver duşfaz /ˈduʃfaz/ v. search, look up, hunt duşfir /ˈduʃfir/ nm. motif duşfon /ˈduʃfon/ nm. custody duşfôr /ˈduʃfɔr/ prep. via duşfuz /ˈduʃfuz/ nm. center, core, nucleus duşo yûsôş /ˈduʃo ˈ jʊsɔʃ/ nf. shark duşo /ˈduʃo/ nm. war, battle dusro /ˈdusro/ nf. constellation dusru /ˈdusru/ nm. professor duşûkhuv /ˈduʃʊxuv/ adv. yesterday dut /dut/ v. might duto /ˈduto/ nn. fraud dutu /ˈdutu/ v. swim dutûlkos /ˈdutʊlkos/ v. shrink duv /duv/ adj. sure duvi /ˈduvi/ nn. lake duvnad /ˈduvnad/ nf. bank, stock, supply duvni /ˈduvni/ nm. prey duvnim /ˈduvnim/ nn. dam duvnom /ˈduvnom/ adv. that duvô /ˈduvɔ/ nn. hood duvrôl /ˈduvrɔl/ nf. east duvûnum /ˈduvʊnum/ nm. cage duye /ˈduje/ v. stack duyed /ˈdujed/ adv. away duyô /ˈdujɔ/ nn. court duyud /ˈdujud/ nn. guest, client, patron duz /duz/ adj. notable duza /ˈduza/ nm. plight duze /ˈduze/ nn. cuisine duzô /ˈduzɔ/ v. remark F fô /fɔ/ conj. or fôd /fɔd/ nm. way fôf /fɔf/ v. prove fôfat /ˈfɔfat/ nm. proof fôl /fɔl/ v. add fôm /fɔm/ nn. color, hue fôn /fɔn/ v. lose fônat /ˈfɔnat/ nm. loss fôr /fɔr/ v. reduce fôt /fɔt/ nm. stake fôv /fɔv/ nm. view, vision fôz /fɔz/ v. move fôzat /ˈfɔzat/ nm. movement fû dezu /fʊ ˈ dezu/ nm. backpack fû liz /fʊ liz/ nm. spine fû /fʊ/ adv. back fûa /ˈfʊa/ nf. impulse fûba /ˈfʊba/ nn. marsh fûbe /ˈfʊbe/ nf. pet fûde /ˈfʊde/ v. swallow fûdiz /ˈfʊdiz/ v. light fûdo /ˈfʊdo/ nm. dump fûdzam /ˈfʊdzam/ nn. cone fûfes /ˈfʊfes/ v. remind fûfna /ˈfʊfna/ nm. boyfriend, girlfriend fûfni /ˈfʊfni/ nm. tongue fûfno /ˈfʊfno/ adj. petty fûfnu /ˈfʊfnu/ nf. heart fûfşa /ˈfʊfʃa/ nm. tab fûfşi /ˈfʊfʃi/ nf. medal fûfşu /ˈfʊfʃu/ nm. individual fûfus /ˈfʊfus/ v. deploy fûga /ˈfʊga/ adj. hollow fûgle /ˈfʊgle/ nn. potato fûglu /ˈfʊglu/ nm. extreme 28 fûgo /ˈfʊgo/ nm. valet fûgô /ˈfʊgɔ/ nm. tower fûho /ˈfʊho/ v. start, begin fûhtom /ˈfʊhtom/ nn. tiger fûhtus /ˈfʊhtus/ nn. literature fûhyed /ˈfʊhjed/ nn. campaign, crusade fûhyod /ˈfʊhjod/ v. mix, combine, join fûhzav /ˈfʊhzav/ nm. rain, shower fûhzeş /ˈfʊhzeʃ/ v. embark fûhzuv /ˈfʊhzuv/ adj. credible fûked /ˈfʊked/ nn. custom fûkol /ˈfʊkol/ v. crumple fûkuş /ˈfʊkuʃ/ v. impose fûl /fʊl/ v. accept fûled /ˈfʊled/ nn. pulse fûlem /ˈfʊlem/ nf. bullet fûlhi /ˈfʊlhi/ nf. parliament fûlho /ˈfʊlho/ nn. valley, canyon fûlkem /ˈfʊlkem/ nm. bully fûlkes /ˈfʊlkes/ adj. rough fûlkha /ˈfʊlxa/ interj. yes fûlkhe /ˈfʊlxe/ v. shrug fûlkhi /ˈfʊlxi/ adj. critical fûlkhu /ˈfʊlxu/ v. fill fûlmaz /ˈfʊlmaz/ adv. apart fûlmiş /ˈfʊlmiʃ/ adj. approximate fûlol /ˈfʊlol/ nm. creme fûlpa /ˈfʊlpa/ v. strip fûlpe /ˈfʊlpe/ nf. gossip fûlpi /ˈfʊlpi/ nn. array fûlyov /ˈfʊljov/ nf. diaper fûm /fʊm/ adj. true, honest, innocent fûma /ˈfʊma/ nm. habit fûmo /ˈfʊmo/ adj. dire fûmri /ˈfʊmri/ nm. drum fûmru /ˈfʊmru/ nn. brothel fûmu /ˈfʊmu/ nm. mystery fûmûr /ˈfʊmʊr/ nf. truth fûmyaf /ˈfʊmjaf/ v. prefer, favor fûmyi /ˈfʊmji/ adj. specific, particular fûn /fʊn/ nf. curtain fûnam /ˈfʊnam/ nf. paragraph fûnat /ˈfʊnat/ nn. cheese fûnim /ˈfʊnim/ v. qualify fûnşi /ˈfʊnʃi/ nm. dusk fûnşo /ˈfʊnʃo/ prep. alongside, as well as fûnuv /ˈfʊnuv/ nm. shrub, bush fûr /fʊr/ nf. wave (ocean), surge fûri /ˈfʊri/ v. flaunt fûrya /ˈfʊrja/ v. fall fûryi /ˈfʊrji/ v. remove, take out, deprive, take away, abolish, evacuate fûryo /ˈfʊrjo/ nm. chord fûs /fʊs/ adv. else fûş /fʊʃ/ adv. down fûşfif /ˈfʊʃfif/ v. lend, loan fûşfud /ˈfʊʃfud/ nf. mule fûşfuv /ˈfʊʃfuv/ adj. dual fûşo /ˈfʊʃo/ v. contrast fûsro /ˈfʊsro/ nm. tradition fûsun /ˈfʊsun/ nf. quantum fûto /ˈfʊto/ v. win fûtot /ˈfʊtot/ nf. victory fûu /ˈfʊu/ v. murder fûv /fʊv/ v. ring fûvi /ˈfʊvi/ nn. mob fûvnum /ˈfʊvnum/ nm. science fûvrem /ˈfʊvrem/ v. travel, run fûvrôl /ˈfʊvrɔl/ adj. empty, vacant fûvrul /ˈfʊvrul/ adj. selfish fûya /ˈfʊja/ v. amend fûyed /ˈfʊjed/ v. ride fûyi /ˈfʊji/ nm. purpose fûyo /ˈfʊjo/ adj. significant fûz /fʊz/ nn. anxiety fûzi /ˈfʊzi/ adj. crazy, insane fûzu /ˈfʊzu/ v. perform G ga /ga/ v. can gabi /ˈgabi/ nf. paradise gabo /ˈgabo/ adj. awesome gad /gad/ prep. to, towards gaduf /ˈgaduf/ nm. spark gadzus /ˈgadzus/ v. quote gadzut /ˈgadzut/ nm. victim gafna /ˈgafna/ adj. prone gafod /ˈgafod/ nf. runway gafşo /ˈgafʃo/ v. negotiate gagi /ˈgagi/ nm. park gagla /ˈgagla/ v. comply gagli /ˈgagli/ nm. crest gaglu /ˈgaglu/ conj. while gagu /ˈgagu/ v. taste gaha /ˈgaha/ nm. foam gahi /ˈgahi/ v. grab, clutch, grasp gaho /ˈgaho/ nf. cushion gahyud /ˈgahjud/ v. glide gakhan /ˈgaxan/ adj. fascist gakhid /ˈgaxid/ adj. warm gakhir /ˈgaxir/ v. pardon gakhmôkis /ˈgaxmɔkis/ v. criticize gakhnôho /ˈgaxnɔho/ v. elect gakit /ˈgakit/ nf. lava gakod /ˈgakod/ nm. receipt gakus /ˈgakus/ nm. orbit gakuş /ˈgakuʃ/ adj. anonymous gal /gal/ nf. copper, bronze galal /ˈgalal/ nm. squirrel galho /ˈgalho/ nf. controversy galir /ˈgalir/ v. pass, happen galkhi /ˈgalxi/ v. interact galkod /ˈgalkod/ nm. rug galmut /ˈgalmut/ v. compensate galod /ˈgalod/ nm. blur galpa /ˈgalpa/ v. invade galpo /ˈgalpo/ nm. siege galud /ˈgalud/ nm. bread galyuf /ˈgaljuf/ v. vibrate, shiver galyur /ˈgaljur/ nf. impact gam /gam/ adj. old gamo /ˈgamo/ adj. aware, conscious gamomi /ˈgamomi/ v. know (a fact) gamoô /ˈgamoɔ/ v. serve gamro /ˈgamro/ v. rock (move back and forth) gamru /ˈgamru/ nm. myth gamu /ˈgamu/ nm. proverb gamya /ˈgamja/ v. sweat gamyar /ˈgamjar/ adj. imminent gamyo /ˈgamjo/ v. inhale gamyu /ˈgamju/ nf. creek gamyur /ˈgamjur/ nf. thunder gan /gan/ adj. strong, tough ganalkod /ˈganalkod/ v. open ganoş /ˈganoʃ/ v. authorize ganum /ˈganum/ nm. role ganûr /ˈganʊr/ nn. strength gar /gar/ nn. ant garu /ˈgaru/ nf. ash garyi /ˈgarji/ v. dive garyu /ˈgarju/ v. publish gas /gas/ adj. recent gaş /gaʃ/ adv. well gaşa /ˈgaʃa/ nm. audience gasi /ˈgasi/ nn. dot gaşi /ˈgaʃi/ adv. nowhere gasil /ˈgasil/ v. abuse gasit /ˈgasit/ adj. dry gasiz /ˈgasiz/ nf. gun, rifle gasri /ˈgasri/ nm. glory, honor gasru /ˈgasru/ nn. corpse gaşu bobô /ˈgaʃu ˈ bobɔ/ nf. souvenir 29 gaşu / ˈgaʃu/ nn. present, gift gaşûkûkeş / ˈgaʃʊˌ kʊkeʃ/ v. weigh gasus / ˈgasus/ nm. trailer gasuş / ˈgasuʃ/ nf. scope, extent gat /gat/ adj. substantial gati / ˈgati/ nn. bear gato / ˈgato/ adj. custom gatu / ˈgatu/ v. drain gatûlkônômat / ˈgatʊlˌ kɔnɔmat/ v. explain gatûnşa / ˈgatʊnʃa/ v. sing gau / ˈgau/ v. surprise gav /gav/ nn. sun gava / ˈgava/ nn. pest gavni / ˈgavni/ nf. poison gavno / ˈgavno/ nf. bubble gavraş / ˈgavraʃ/ v. cut, slash gavu / ˈgavu/ nf. lens gavûhzan / ˈgavʊhzan/ v. emphasize gavûme / ˈgavʊme/ v. accompany gaya / ˈgaja/ nf. trouble, problem gayi / ˈgaji/ prep. till gayid / ˈgajid/ nn. pain, agony gayo / ˈgajo/ nf. navy gayol / ˈgajol/ adj. naval gayu / ˈgaju/ nm. turtle gaz /gaz/ v. affect gazes / ˈgazes/ v. excite gazi / ˈgazi/ v. panic gazu / ˈgazu/ adj. serious gibu / ˈgibu/ v. share gidi / ˈgidi/ nm. grave gidiô / ˈgidiɔ/ nm. graveyard gidzum / ˈgidzum/ nm. arena, stadium gifnu / ˈgifnu/ v. roll, revolve, rotate, spin giglu / ˈgiglu/ v. descend gigu / ˈgigu/ nm. rifle gihtus / ˈgihtus/ nm. pile, heap gihu / ˈgihu/ v. last gihyud / ˈgihjud/ nm. silk gihzuz / ˈgihzuz/ nm. slit gikhid / ˈgixid/ nm. dragon gikhiv / ˈgixiv/ nn. diplomacy gikhud / ˈgixud/ v. find, discover, detect gikhudat / ˈgixudat/ nm. discovery gikum / ˈgikum/ nf. independence gilhu / ˈgilhu/ adj. lucky gilhur / ˈgilhur/ nf. lucky gilkul / ˈgilkul/ nm. illusion gilpi / ˈgilpi/ v. blast gilyiv / ˈgiljiv/ v. restrict gimru / ˈgimru/ v. scoop gimu / ˈgimu/ v. relate gin /gin/ nn. bean ginur / ˈginur/ nm. nickname gir /gir/ nf. erection giru / ˈgiru/ nf. jewel, gem gisi / ˈgisi/ nm. petition gişi / ˈgiʃi/ det. both gisil / ˈgisil/ nm. print gisri / ˈgisri/ v. supervise gisru / ˈgisru/ v. jam gisuş / ˈgisuʃ/ nm. magazine gisuz / ˈgisuz/ nn. regression giu / ˈgiu/ v. chat giv /giv/ nm. taxi, cab givrul / ˈgivrul/ adj. complicated, complex givrulozo / ˈgivruˌ lozo/ v. complicate giyi / ˈgiji/ adj. manic giyud / ˈgijud/ v. mock, imitate giz /giz/ interj. okay gizu / ˈgizu/ nm. treasure go /go/ prep. by goa / ˈgoa/ nf. maze gobi / ˈgobi/ nm. dust, flour gobô / ˈgobɔ/ nn. platform godaf / ˈgodaf/ nm. propaganda godo / ˈgodo/ nm. servant godoş / ˈgodoʃ/ nn. present (time) godûryû / ˈgodʊrjʊ/ nm. rhetoric godzat / ˈgodzat/ nf. canyon godzav / ˈgodzav/ nm. appliance godzes / ˈgodzes/ nm. tornado godzev / ˈgodzev/ nm. bias godzol / ˈgodzol/ nn. veneer gof /gof/ adv. ever gofa / ˈgofa/ nm. dictionary gofna / ˈgofna/ v. persist gofşa / ˈgofʃa/ v. advance goga / ˈgoga/ nf. iron goge / ˈgoge/ v. weave gogla / ˈgogla/ nf. lawn gogli / ˈgogli/ v. cry, shout, weep goglo / ˈgoglo/ nf. vase goglô / ˈgoglɔ/ nf. tape gogo / ˈgogo/ nf. span gogôbu / ˈgogɔbu/ nm. enthusiasm gohe / ˈgohe/ v. vindicate gohûza / ˈgohʊza/ adj. coherent gohyas / ˈgohjas/ nm. saddle gohyot / ˈgohjot/ v. lick gohzev / ˈgohzev/ nm. stem gohzûkûd / ˈgohzʊkʊd/ nn. cavity gohzûvrûl / ˈgohzʊvrʊl/ adj. basic goka / ˈgoka/ nm. belly (stomach area) gokhed / ˈgoxed/ v. seem gokhev / ˈgoxev/ prep. between, among gokhon / ˈgoxon/ adj. false, fake gokim / ˈgokim/ v. graze (feed on) gokos / ˈgokos/ nn. hay gol /gol/ nm. strategy golad / ˈgolad/ nf. peninsula golal / ˈgolal/ nf. fluid golha / ˈgolha/ nm. capsule golhûmi / ˈgolhʊmi/ nn. note golhûzi / ˈgolhʊzi/ nm. dignity golkod / ˈgolkod/ v. transcend golkôm / ˈgolkɔm/ nm. week golmûlmûz / ˈgolmʊlmʊz/ adj. real, authentic golpi / ˈgolpi/ v. situate golpo / ˈgolpo/ v. devote gom /gom/ nm. point goma / ˈgoma/ nf. accident gome / ˈgome/ v. crouch gomrûhi / ˈgomrʊhi/ nn. vine gomya / ˈgomja/ v. guard gomyin / ˈgomjin/ nm. zoo gomyon / ˈgomjon/ v. squat gomyûtû / ˈgomjʊtʊ/ nm. artery gomyûvu / ˈgomjʊvu/ nm. smoke gon /gon/ nm. committee gonşa / ˈgonʃa/ v. peer, squint gonşo / ˈgonʃo/ adv. ago gonûhe / ˈgonʊhe/ nf. mattress gonûlhô / ˈgonʊlhɔ/ v. collect, compil e gor /gor/ adj. ugly goro / ˈgoro/ v. pant gorya / ˈgorja/ adv. least goryo / ˈgorjo/ nm. shovel gos /gos/ v. watch goş /go ʃ/ nn. ornament goşe / ˈgoʃe/ v. fit goşfid / ˈgoʃfid/ v. charm goşfif / ˈgoʃfif/ nm. prejudice goşfûvnô / ˈgoʃfʊvnɔ/ nm. policy goşo / ˈgoʃo/ v. evacuate gosrôhyod / ˈgosrɔhjod/ nf. whore gosrôlos / ˈgosrɔlos/ nn. bargain gosûlût vûşe / ˈgosʊlʊt ˈ vʊʃe/ nm. bark (of tree) gosûlût / ˈgosʊlʊt/ nm. tree, wood gosûrû / ˈgosʊrʊ/ v. wander goşûzu / ˈgoʃʊzu/ nm. filter got /got/ v. go gota / ˈgota/ nm. opinion goti / ˈgoti/ nf. knee 30 gov /gov/ v. hide govnem /ˈgovnem/ adj. pastoral govno /ˈgovno/ nm. liberty govnom /ˈgovnom/ nn. accommodation govnôva /ˈgovnɔva/ adj. quiet govo /ˈgovo/ adj. crude, vulgar govrol /ˈgovrol/ adj. sensible govûglu /ˈgovʊglu/ adv. together goya /ˈgoja/ v. belong goye /ˈgoje/ adj. spare goyi /ˈgoji/ nf. matrix goyûdaz /ˈgojʊdaz/ nm. haven goyûta /ˈgojʊta/ v. look out, watch out goz /goz/ prep. under, below goza /ˈgoza/ v. reserve gozat /ˈgozat/ nf. reservation gozo /ˈgozo/ nm. thread H hô /hɔ/ adj. bad, evil hôd /hɔd/ prep. including hôf /hɔf/ nn. collar hôl /hɔl/ adv. also, as well hôm /hɔm/ v. get, obtain hôn /hɔn/ nf. budget hôs /hɔs/ nn. mass hôt /hɔt/ nn. far, away hôv /hɔv/ adj. intimate hu /hu/ nm. child, kid hu /hu/ pron. you (all) hû /hʊ/ v. see, understand, grasp, detect, perceive, recognize hûa /ˈhʊa/ adj. silent hûar /ˈhʊar/ nm. silence hûbu /ˈhʊbu/ nn. excrement hud /hud/ adj. foreign hûd /hʊd/ det. that hûde /ˈhʊde/ nn. museum hûdef /ˈhʊdef/ v. destroy, devastate hûdefat /ˈhʊdefat/ nf. destruction hûdit /ˈhʊdit/ adj. vague, fuzzy hûdô /ˈhʊdɔ/ nf. effort hûdôv /ˈhʊdɔv/ v. compare hûdzas /ˈhʊdzas/ v. bombard hûdzav /ˈhʊdzav/ nm. sling hûdzel /ˈhʊdzel/ nm. foil hûdzes /ˈhʊdzes/ v. leap hûdzis /ˈhʊdzis/ v. doubt huf /huf/ nn. side hûf /hʊf/ pron. someone, somebody hûfna /ˈhʊfna/ adj. bleak hûfni /ˈhʊfni/ v. apply hûfno /ˈhʊfno/ v. adopt hûfnu /ˈhʊfnu/ v. repeat hûfnut /ˈhʊfnut/ nf. repetition hûfôd /ˈhʊfɔd/ nf. kind, type hûfol /ˈhʊfol/ adj. lovely hûfşa /ˈhʊfʃa/ nm. altitude hûfşi /ˈhʊfʃi/ nn. portion, segment hûfşo /ˈhʊfʃo/ nm. shelf, rack hûfûa /ˈhʊfʊa/ nm. surgery hûgi /ˈhʊgi/ nm. harmony hûglômyoz /ˈhʊglɔmjoz/ adj. juvenile hûgo /ˈhʊgo/ nm. shell hûgô /ˈhʊgɔ/ v. learn hûgu /ˈhʊgu/ nf. sock hûha /ˈhʊha/ v. discourage hûhtet /ˈhʊhtet/ adj. bald hûhtul /ˈhʊhtul/ v. subsidize hûhu /ˈhʊhu/ nm. tie hûhyis /ˈhʊhjis/ adv. ahead hûhyol /ˈhʊhjol/ nm. jam hûhyos /ˈhʊhjos/ nf. tailor hûhyud /ˈhʊhjud/ nm. pot hûhzaf /ˈhʊhzaf/ nm. fuel hûhzef /ˈhʊhzef/ v. exclude, omit hûhzof /ˈhʊhzof/ v. exploit hûhzûbû /ˈhʊhzʊbʊ/ v. recycle hûkhez /ˈhʊxez/ nm. posture hûkhiv /ˈhʊxiv/ nf. bass hûkhôş /ˈhʊxɔʃ/ v. decorate hûkhoz /ˈhʊxoz/ nf. bug, insect hûkhôz /ˈhʊxɔz/ adj. blind hûkid /ˈhʊkid/ det. same hûkil /ˈhʊkil/ nf. wage, salary hûkod /ˈhʊkod/ v. complement hûkus /ˈhʊkus/ v. soak hul /hul/ nm. crime hûl /hʊl/ nn. skirt hûled /ˈhʊled/ adj. explicit hûlha /ˈhʊlha/ nm. craft hûlhi /ˈhʊlhi/ nn. spice hûlhô /ˈhʊlhɔ/ nm. box, crate hûlhu /ˈhʊlhu/ v. sew hûlir /ˈhʊlir/ adj. alternate hûlked /ˈhʊlked/ v. linger hûlkel /ˈhʊlkel/ nm. hatch hûlkes /ˈhʊlkes/ nf. mug hûlkha /ˈhʊlxa/ nm. absence hûlkil /ˈhʊlkil/ nn. glacier hûlmaş /ˈhʊlmaʃ/ nm. wine hûlmaşô /ˈhʊlmaʃɔ/ nf. winery hûlôl /ˈhʊlɔl/ adj. internal hûlôlûr /ˈhʊlɔlʊr/ nf. interior hûlpi /ˈhʊlpi/ v. mourn hûlpûhzur /ˈhʊlpʊhzur/ adj. jealous hûlyat /ˈhʊljat/ nf. cork hûlyud /ˈhʊljud/ v. tick hum /hum/ adv. never hûm /hʊm/ det. several hûme /ˈhʊme/ nm. casino hûmi /ˈhʊmi/ v. upset, disturb hûmôtu /ˈhʊmɔtu/ adj. vertical hûmra /ˈhʊmra/ nn. suit hûmri /ˈhʊmri/ nm. blasphemy, heresy hûmûbu /ˈhʊmʊbu/ nn. loop hûmûlhu /ˈhʊmʊlhu/ nf. chair, lounge, couch, sofa hûmyo /ˈhʊmjo/ v. investigate hûmyô /ˈhʊmjɔ/ nm. toddler hûmyuz /ˈhʊmjuz/ nn. choir hûn /hʊn/ num. zero hûnad /ˈhʊnad/ nf. enemy, villain hûned /ˈhʊned/ v. intimidate hûnes /ˈhʊnes/ nm. pocket hûnil /ˈhʊnil/ nf. underwear hûnôt /ˈhʊnɔt/ adj. domestic hûnşe /ˈhʊnʃe/ nf. referendum hûnşu /ˈhʊnʃu/ adj. frequent hûnşûryi /ˈhʊnʃʊrji/ adj. wide, broad hûnşûryir /ˈhʊnʃʊrjir/ nn. width hûnûrye /ˈhʊnʊrje/ nf. root hûô /ˈhʊɔ/ nm. paint hûôt /ˈhʊɔt/ nm. painting hur /hur/ adv. today, nowadays hûr /hʊr/ v. jump, leap, skip, bounce, bump hûri /ˈhʊri/ v. extend hûru /ˈhʊru/ nm. bracket hûryûo /ˈhʊrjʊo/ adj. cruel, nasty hus /hus/ nm. plan, program hus /hus/ v. plan huş /huʃ/ v. rest, relax hûs /hʊs/ num. second hûş /hʊʃ/ nf. car hûsaz /ˈhʊsaz/ adj. external hûşe /ˈhʊʃe/ v. encourage hûsen /ˈhʊsen/ adj. obese hûsev /ˈhʊsev/ adj. pure hûşi /ˈhʊʃi/ nm. rear hûso /ˈhʊso/ nm. screw hûsô /ˈhʊsɔ/ v. murmur hûsos /ˈhʊsos/ nm. talent hûsri /ˈhʊsri/ nm. wind 31 hûsrô /ˈhʊsrɔ/ nf. diet hûsûglû /ˈhʊsʊglʊ/ nf. diagram hûşûryu /ˈhʊʃʊrju/ v. dangle hut /hut/ nm. oil hût /hʊt/ nf. eye, eyeball hût /hʊt/ nm. perception hût /hʊt/ nn. recognition hûta /ˈhʊta/ nm. stand hûtu /ˈhʊtu/ nm. blood hûu /ˈhʊu/ nn. drought huv /huv/ nm. time, tense hûv /hʊv/ adj. next hûva /ˈhʊva/ v. die hûvagla /ˈhʊvagla/ adj. dead hûvat /ˈhʊvat/ nm. death hûvi /ˈhʊvi/ v. export hûvô zaz /ˈhʊvɔ zaz/ nm. fingerprint hûvô /ˈhʊvɔ/ nn. finger, toe hûvret /ˈhʊvret/ v. manipulate hûvriş /ˈhʊvriʃ/ adj. weird, strange, bizarre, eerie, peculiar huvûr /ˈhuvʊr/ nf. tension hûya /ˈhʊja/ nf. stomach, gut, belly (stomach area) hûye /ˈhʊje/ adj. daunting hûyo /ˈhʊjo/ adj. passive hûyô /ˈhʊjɔ/ nm. whip hûyu /ˈhʊju/ nf. urge hûyûlmoz /ˈhʊjʊlmoz/ prep. except, besides huz /huz/ nm. instrument hûz /hʊz/ nm. south hûzi /ˈhʊzi/ nm. beach hûzô /ˈhʊzɔ/ nm. rival K ka /ka/ det. your ka /ka/ v. cook (prepare food) kabûfni /ˈkabʊfni/ nn. poultry kad /kad/ adv. why kada /ˈkada/ nf. apron kadô /ˈkadɔ/ prep. according to kadzam /ˈkadzam/ nf. petal kadzim /ˈkadzim/ adj. formal kadzit /ˈkadzit/ v. toss kadzot /ˈkadzot/ v. insure, assure, guarantee, promise kadzûnûd /ˈkadzʊnʊd/ nm. liquid kadzûsûs /ˈkadzʊsʊs/ nm. century kaf /kaf/ conj. than kafad /ˈkafad/ v. operate kafna /ˈkafna/ nf. clash kafne /ˈkafne/ nn. flock kafno /ˈkafno/ adj. wary kafşa /ˈkafʃa/ adj. stable, steady kafşu /ˈkafʃu/ adv. there; over there kagi /ˈkagi/ v. lurk kagla /ˈkagla/ v. moan kagle /ˈkagle/ v. row kagli /ˈkagli/ adj. abundant kaglûfşa /ˈkaglʊfʃa/ nm. clove kagu /ˈkagu/ nm. litigation kahi /ˈkahi/ v. trade kaho /ˈkaho/ nf. psychology kahtut /ˈkahtut/ nm. hill, slope, slant kahyôd /ˈkahjɔd/ v. understand, realize kahzaş /ˈkahzaʃ/ nf. style kahzoz /ˈkahzoz/ adj. accurate kahzôz /ˈkahzɔz/ nm. therapy kahzûlkûm /ˈkahzʊlkʊm/ nm. project kakhed /ˈkaxed/ v. distinguish kakhez /ˈkaxez/ v. commute kakhûrô /ˈkaxʊrɔ/ v. escalate kakhuv /ˈkaxuv/ v. invest kakit /ˈkakit/ v. elaborate kakôl /ˈkakɔl/ nm. pearl kakûze /ˈkakʊze/ adj. competent kalha /ˈkalha/ nm. snow kalhu /ˈkalhu/ nn. volcano kalhûdziş /ˈkalhʊdziʃ/ adj. gray kalil /ˈkalil/ nn. berry kalim /ˈkalim/ v. nag kalir /ˈkalir/ nn. accessory kalkhi /ˈkalxi/ v. groan kalkhu /ˈkalxu/ nn. fixture kalkhûnum /ˈkalxʊnum/ nm. nature, environment kalkhûnumal /ˈkalxʊˌ numal/ adj. natural kalkom /ˈkalkom/ v. patrol kalkud /ˈkalkud/ v. prop kalkut /ˈkalkut/ v. summon kalmuf /ˈkalmuf/ nf. hose kalmur /ˈkalmur/ nm. experiment kalûtô /ˈkalʊtɔ/ adj. necessary kaluz /ˈkaluz/ nf. fort, castle, palace kalyif /ˈkaljif/ adj. loose kam /kam/ nf. oven kama /ˈkama/ nn. shade, shadow kame /ˈkame/ nm. card, ticket kami /ˈkami/ v. confront kamô /ˈkamɔ/ nm. rookie kamrô /ˈkamrɔ/ nm. tusk kamrûlkhi /ˈkamrʊlxi/ nm. fin (of fish) kamrûmi /ˈkamrʊmi/ adj. tranquil kamu /ˈkamu/ nf. embassy kamûyi /ˈkamʊji/ nm. bow (weapon) kamyôz /ˈkamjɔz/ adj. municipal kan /kan/ nm. rule kanaş /ˈkanaʃ/ adj. slim kanes /ˈkanes/ v. supplement kanid /ˈkanid/ v. monitor kanim /ˈkanim/ nm. dynamics kanit /ˈkanit/ nf. perfume kaniv /ˈkaniv/ adj. due kanşi /ˈkanʃi/ nf. discourse kanşu /ˈkanʃu/ nf. monster kanşûsi /ˈkanʃʊsi/ nm. shack kao /ˈkao/ v. blend kaô /ˈkaɔ/ v. wreck kar /kar/ v. believe karat /ˈkarat/ nn. belief karu /ˈkaru/ v. thrill karya /ˈkarja/ adj. fluent karyu /ˈkarju/ v. meditate karyûdo /ˈkarjʊdo/ v. manifest kas /kas/ adj. ready kaş /kaʃ/ nf. shame, stigma, guilt kaşfin /ˈkaʃfin/ nm. parcel, package, bundle kaşfûfnô /ˈkaʃfʊfnɔ/ nm. human kasif /ˈkasif/ nn. ghost kasir /ˈkasir/ nf. stew kasof /ˈkasof/ v. rust kasra /ˈkasra/ nm. clue kasre /ˈkasre/ v. expect kasrôra /ˈkasrɔra/ v. distort kaşu /ˈkaʃu/ v. expel kasuz /ˈkasuz/ v. join kat /kat/ nn. end katu /ˈkatu/ adj. smooth katûkhin /ˈkatʊxin/ v. imagine kau kôlkho /ˈkau ˈ kɔlxo/ nm. rainbow kau /ˈkau/ nf. arch, arc kav /kav/ nf. thigh kava /ˈkava/ nm. elk kavnam /ˈkavnam/ v. create, found kavnômyan /ˈkavnɔmjan/ nm. food kavnûlal /ˈkavnʊlal/ nf. object kavnûlha /ˈkavnʊlha/ nm. bulk kavnum bokaz /ˈkavnum ˈ bokaz/ nf. lamb kavnum /ˈkavnum/ adj. young kavnumûr /ˈkavnumʊr/ nm. youth kavo /ˈkavo/ adj. equal kavres /ˈkavres/ nm. canopy kavu /ˈkavu/ v. breathe kavûu /ˈkavʊu/ nf. doll kaya /ˈkaja/ adj. available 32 kayôd /ˈkajɔd/ v. evoke, provoke kayu /ˈkaj u/ nn. direction kaz /kaz/ conj. whether kazo /ˈkazo/ nn. tag kazô /ˈkazɔ/ adj. vicious kazôba /ˈkazɔba/ nm. layout kazu /ˈkazu/ nf. surf ke /ke/ prep. like kebu /ˈkebu/ nf. bigotry ked /ked/ nf. house kedenşi /ˈkedenʃi/ nf. mansion kedzul /ˈkedzul/ nm. trail kef /kef/ nm. tomb, coffin kefnu /ˈkefnu/ nn. wallet keful /ˈkeful/ nm. tax, tariff kehtum /ˈkehtum/ nn. graph kehyud /ˈkehjud/ v. exert kehyus /ˈkehjus/ nm. picture, image kehzun /ˈkehzun/ nm. grandfather kekhuv /ˈkexuv/ v. consult kel /kel/ nm. name kelhu /ˈkelhu/ v. talk, speak kelpu /ˈkelpu/ nm. fatigue kemu /ˈkemu/ adj. main kemyun /ˈkemjun/ nm. conference ken /ken/ v. will kenut /ˈkenut/ nn. double kenuz /ˈkenuz/ nf. mane ker /ker/ v. wonder kes /kes/ det. another keş /keʃ/ v. may kesru /ˈkesru/ v. perch kesus /ˈkesus/ nn. stripe, strip ket /ket/ nm. goal, target ket /ket/ pron. they, them (masculine) keu /ˈkeu/ nm. play (stage play) kev /kev/ nf. support kev /kev/ v. support kevnu /ˈkevnu/ nm. cauldron, kettle keyu /ˈkeju/ nm. ramp kez /kez/ nm. game, toy, sport kô /kɔ/ v. would kôbi /ˈkɔbi/ nf. succession kôbo /ˈkɔbo/ v. grow, evolve kôbô /ˈkɔbɔ/ adj. serial kôbot /ˈkɔbot/ nn. growth kôd /kɔd/ v. appear kôdat /ˈkɔdat/ nm. appearance (act of appearing) kôder /ˈkɔder/ v. coil kôdzal /ˈkɔdzal/ nm. mess, rubble, debris, clutter kôf /kɔf/ nf. benefit kôfel /ˈkɔfel/ adj. medium kôfit /ˈkɔfit/ adj. steep kôfne /ˈkɔfne/ nm. plantation kôfnô /ˈkɔfnɔ/ nn. log kôfnûlhi /ˈkɔfnʊlhi/ v. revise kôfşe /ˈkɔfʃe/ nm. contempt kôfşo /ˈkɔfʃo/ nf. recipe kôgli /ˈkɔgli/ nf. blade kôhe /ˈkɔhe/ nm. part, piece kôhô /ˈkɔhɔ/ nm. analogy kôhtis /ˈkɔhtis/ nf. spear, lance, pike kôhtol /ˈkɔhtol/ nm. pea kôhtôs /ˈkɔhtɔs/ nf. raid kôhtot /ˈkɔhtot/ nm. scale (skin of reptiles) kôhyad /ˈkɔhjad/ nn. rice, grain, cereal kôhyem /ˈkɔhjem/ nn. basil kôhzav /ˈkɔhzav/ nm. grace kôhzôlyûş /ˈkɔhzɔljʊʃ/ nf. feat kôkaz /ˈkɔkaz/ nm. spring (coil) kôkem /ˈkɔkem/ v. bite kôkhov /ˈkɔxov/ nn. shit kôkil /ˈkɔkil/ det. much kôkit /ˈkɔkit/ nm. fund kôkûsen /ˈkɔkʊsen/ nf. saw kôl /kɔl/ v. send kôlha gosûlût /ˈkɔlha ˈ gosʊlʊt/ nf. raft kôlha /ˈkɔlha/ v. float, hover, skim kôlho /ˈkɔlho/ v. evaporate kôlhô /ˈkɔlhɔ/ nm. pick kôlhôşfuf /ˈkɔlhɔʃfuf/ nn. pepper kôlid /ˈkɔlid/ nm. incentive kôlkes /ˈkɔlkes/ nf. molecule kôlkho /ˈkɔlxo/ nm. cloud, mist kôlkhô /ˈkɔlxɔ/ nn. cabbage kôlkos /ˈkɔlkos/ nf. chaos kôlmez /ˈkɔlmez/ adj. massive, immense, enormous kôlôd /ˈkɔlɔd/ nf. sickness, illness kôlôrô /ˈkɔlɔrɔ/ v. intend kôlpe /ˈkɔlpe/ adj. dense kôlyeş /ˈkɔljeʃ/ adj. automatic kôm /kɔm/ adj.slow, late kôma /ˈkɔma/ adj. instant kôme /ˈkɔme/ v. escort kômi /ˈkɔmi/ nf. demographic kômo /ˈkɔmo/ v. elevate kômro /ˈkɔmro/ v. brace kômûlum /ˈkɔmʊlum/ adj. immune, exempt kômûtu /ˈkɔmʊtu/ nm. wardrobe kômya /ˈkɔmja/ v. register kômyen /ˈkɔmjen/ v. pat kômyoz /ˈkɔmjoz/ v. suggest, hint, imply kômyozat /ˈkɔmjozat/ nn. suggestion kôn /kɔn/ nm. work kôn /kɔn/ v. work kônad /ˈkɔnad/ nn. continent kônel /ˈkɔnel/ adj. famous kônin /ˈkɔnin/ v. drag, tow kônof /ˈkɔnof/ v. correlate kônot /ˈkɔnot/ nn. laboratory kônşa /ˈkɔnʃa/ nf. scandal kônşi /ˈkɔnʃi/ nn. job, career, task kônşo /ˈkɔnʃo/ nm. candidate kôo /ˈkɔo/ nm. liver kôr /kɔr/ nm. challenge kôri /ˈkɔri/ v. sort, arrange kôro /ˈkɔro/ nf. others kôrô /ˈkɔrɔ/ v. supply kôrûu /ˈkɔrʊu/ v. rely kôrya /ˈkɔrja/ nn. future, destiny, fate, prospect kôrye /ˈkɔrje/ v. complete kôryi /ˈkɔrji/ nn. crab kôş /kɔʃ/ adj. weak kôsa /ˈkɔsa/ nf. insurgent kôsav /ˈkɔsav/ nm. logic kôşe /ˈkɔʃe/ v. spectate kôşfid /ˈkɔʃfid/ nf. chorus kôşfiz /ˈkɔʃfiz/ adv. just, barely kôşfor /ˈkɔʃfor/ v. like kôşi /ˈkɔʃi/ v. admit kôsil /ˈkɔsil/ nn. matter kôsin /ˈkɔsin/ nn. suitcase kôsit /ˈkɔsit/ v. catch kôşo /ˈkɔʃo/ nf. needle, pin kôşô /ˈkɔʃɔ/ v. advocate kôsrô /ˈkɔsrɔ/ v. veto kôsrûlmaz /ˈkɔsrʊlmaz/ pron. nobody kôşûbu /ˈkɔʃʊbu/ v. cruise kôsûtu /ˈkɔsʊtu/ nn. galaxy kôt /kɔt/ v. test, analyze, inspect kôtat /ˈkɔtat/ nm. exam kôtat /ˈkɔtat/ nn. analysis kôte /ˈkɔte/ nf. chart kôti /ˈkɔti/ adj. generic kôtôvnom /ˈkɔtɔvnom/ nm. appetite kôv /kɔv/ nn. top kôvi /ˈkɔvi/ v. glance kôvnûlkal /ˈkɔvnʊlkal/ v. compromise kôvrôş /ˈkɔvrɔʃ/ nm. boy kôvrot /ˈkɔvrot/ nf. terrace kôyid /ˈkɔjid/ v. dissolve kôyûşo /ˈkɔjʊʃo/ adj. raw kôz /kɔz/ nn. air, weather kôzi /ˈkɔzi/ v. drop 33 kôzo / ˈkɔzo/ nm. cream kû /k ʊ/ v. look kûd /k ʊd/ adj. chief kûf /k ʊf/ adj. optical kûl /k ʊl/ nm. medium kûm /k ʊm/ v. drive, ride kûr /k ʊr/ nf. leaf kûs /k ʊs/ adj. last, previous kûş /k ʊʃ/ nm. guilt kût /k ʊt/ v. claim, allege kûv /k ʊv/ nf. greenhouse kûz /k ʊz/ nf. wax K H kha /xa/ adj. new khabi / ˈxabi/ v. pave khabô / ˈxabɔ/ nf. moment khabu / ˈxabu/ nn. glass khad /xad/ nf. season khader / ˈxader/ v. handcuff khadudi / ˈxadudi/ nf. certificate khaduv / ˈxaduv/ v. probe khadzem / ˈxadzem/ nf. security khadzos / ˈxadzos/ nm. vinegar khadzud / ˈxadzud/ nm. genocide khadzum / ˈxadzum/ nn. vehicle khadzûnôv / ˈxadzʊnɔv/ v. ban, prohibit khadzûvnôm / ˈxadzʊvnɔm/ nm. basement khaf /xaf/ nm. beauty khafa / ˈxafa/ nf. courtyard khafna / ˈxafna/ nm. quail khafno / ˈxafno/ v. stir khafnô / ˈxafnɔ/ nm. urine khafod / ˈxafod/ v. interpret, translate khafôd / ˈxafɔd/ nf. treason khafşe / ˈxafʃe/ nf. specimen khafşi / ˈxafʃi/ nm. army khafşu / ˈxafʃu/ v. clarify khagli / ˈxagli/ v. shift khago / ˈxago/ v. bother khagô / ˈxagɔ/ nf. quilt khagûryu / ˈxagʊrju/ nf. spectacle khaho / ˈxaho/ nf. bat (winged mammal) khahô / ˈxahɔ/ nn. dwarf khahu / ˈxahu/ v. twist khahûşo / ˈxahʊʃo/ adj. lazy khahyed / ˈxahjed/ nn. lump, knot khahyûma / ˈxahjʊma/ nf. excerpt khahzav / ˈxahzav/ nm. bee khahzaz / ˈxahzaz/ v. vary, differ khahzûlûz / ˈxahzʊlʊz/ nm. waist khahzuş / ˈxahzuʃ/ v. graze (touch) khahzûzû / ˈxahzʊzʊ/ v. fathom khakhaş / ˈxaxaʃ/ v. achieve, accomplish khakhat / ˈxaxat/ nm. loser khakhef / ˈxaxef/ adj. technical khakhmehyum / ˈxaxmehjum/ nf.organization khakhnôf / ˈxaxnɔf/ nn. frost khakhôze / ˈxaxɔze/ nm. clan khakhud / ˈxaxud/ adj. tropical khakhuf / ˈxaxuf/ nn. evidence khakum / ˈxakum/ nm. cellar khakut / ˈxakut/ nn. jelly khal /xal/ nm. result, outcome khalal / ˈxalal/ nm. gag khalhi / ˈxalhi/ nf. stool khalhu / ˈxalhu/ nn. belt, strap khalin / ˈxalin/ nm. hybrid khalked / ˈxalked/ nm. misery khalkha / ˈxalxa/ nf. tour khalkho / ˈxalxo/ nn. delegate khalkhûşfud / ˈxalxʊʃfud/ v. trip khalkôd / ˈxalkɔd/ nf. vagina khalmut / ˈxalmut/ nn. mood, attitude khalpo / ˈxalpo/ v. resemble khalyid / ˈxaljid/ nm. manual khalyit / ˈxaljit/ v. drown khalyôr / ˈxaljɔr/ adj. rare, weird, strange khalyov / ˈxaljov/ nn. theater kham /xam/ v. frustrate khame / ˈxame/ nf. adult khami / ˈxami/ nm. update khamru / ˈxamru/ nm. foliage khamu / ˈxamu/ v. anticipate khamusre / ˈxamusre/ nm. meeting khamyef / ˈxamjef/ v. defeat, beat khamyi / ˈxamji/ nm. steam khamyof / ˈxamjof/ v. set up, prepare khamyofat / ˈxamjofat/ nf. preparation khamyun / ˈxamjun/ v. bond khan /xan/ v. chew khanet / ˈxanet/ v. amuse khanşa / ˈxanʃa/ v. choke khanuf / ˈxanuf/ v. embarrass khao / ˈxao/ nf. credit (recognition) khaô / ˈxaɔ/ v. grip khar /xar/ nn. hand, palm (of hand) khare / ˈxare/ nn. region kharo / ˈxaro/ adv. furthermore kharyu / ˈxarju/ nm. mouth kharyul / ˈxarjul/ adj. oral khas /xas/ num. ten khaşfir / ˈxaʃfir/ nm. shield khaşfoz / ˈxaʃfoz/ adv. somehow khasi / ˈxasi/ adj. left khaşi / ˈxaʃi/ v. place, lay khasil / ˈxasil/ nm. ritual khasro / ˈxasro/ v. pay khasrô / ˈxasrɔ/ v. climb khasru / ˈxasru/ nm. sword khaşûmru / ˈxaʃʊmru/ nm. cube khat /xat/ conj. but khate / ˈxate/ nf. tenant khato / ˈxato/ v. shuffle khatûnşu / ˈxatʊnʃu/ nm. insurance khau / ˈxau/ v. estimate khav /xav/ nf. farm khava / ˈxava/ adj. whole, entire khavi / ˈxavi/ v. limp khavne / ˈxavne/ v. smell (emit odour), stink, radiate khavnôd / ˈxavnɔd/ nn. steel khavnum / ˈxavnum/ v. wake, wake up, get up khavril / ˈxavril/ nm. worm khavrol / ˈxavrol/ v. insist khavros / ˈxavros/ v. suffocate khavrus / ˈxavrus/ v. ask, request, inquire khavûsus / ˈxavʊsus/ adj. mature khaya / ˈxaja/ v. restrain khaye / ˈxaje/ v. burn, cook (heat food) khayi / ˈxaji/ nf. barrier khayô / ˈxajɔ/ nm. buffalo khayûsro / ˈxajʊsro/ nm. building khayûsro / ˈxajʊsro/ nm. product khaz /xaz/ v. try, attempt khaza / ˈxaza/ nm. dish, plate khazo / ˈxazo/ adj. dull khed /xed/ adv. too, also, as well khedur / ˈxedur/ nm. eyelid khef /xef/ nm. decade khefnu / ˈxefnu/ v. writhe khefu / ˈxefu/ nm. void khefum / ˈxefum/ nn. fact khegu / ˈxegu/ nm. concept khehyum / ˈxehjum/ v. hit, beat (strike), punch khekul / ˈxekul/ nf. merit khel /xel/ v. consider khelkhu / ˈxelxu/ nm. container khem /xem/ det. enough khemu / ˈxemu/ interj. well khen /xen/ pron. everyone kher /xer/ nm. sense 34 khes /xes/ nn. window kheş /xeʃ/ adj. single kheşu /ˈxeʃu/ nf. charity khesut /ˈxesut/ nf. average khet /xet/ nf. sound kheu nod /ˈxeu nod/ nf. middle class kheu /ˈxeu/ adj. middle khev /xev/ nm. egg khevu /ˈxevu/ adj. dim kheyu /ˈxeju/ adj. classic kheyud /ˈxejud/ adj. better khez /xez/ nn. month khma /xma/ v. do, make khmad /xmad/ nf. state, condition khmadûfnû /ˈxmadʊfnʊ/ nn. unity khmadûşû /ˈxmadʊʃʊ/ nf. butt khmadzûyô /ˈxmadzʊjɔ/ v. diagnose khmaf /xmaf/ nn. crack khmage /ˈxmage/ nf. danger, threat khmaglûlpa /ˈxmaglʊlpa/ nf. gravity khmahe /ˈxmahe/ v. sleep khmahô /ˈxmahɔ/ nf. lobby khmalhe /ˈxmalhe/ v. date, go out khmalhô /ˈxmalhɔ/ nn. bird khmalkhûşfuz /ˈxmalxʊʃfuz/ nf. section, segment khmalkôm /ˈxmalkɔm/ v. rob khmalkûfôt /ˈxmalkʊfɔt/ nm. frame khmalôkôd /ˈxmalɔkɔd/ nn. rep khmalûô /ˈxmalʊɔ/ v. sneeze khmam /xmam/ v. enter khmama /ˈxmama/ nf. resource khmamat /ˈxmamat/ nf. entrance khmame /ˈxmame/ nf. basket khmamôbi /ˈxmamɔbi/ nn. band khmamûhtus /ˈxmamʊhtus/ nf. archive khmamûmri /ˈxmamʊmri/ nf. charcoal khmamûti /ˈxmamʊti/ adj. random khmamûu /ˈxmamʊu/ v. erect khmamyôluf /ˈxmamjɔluf/ adj. mobile, portable khmanen /ˈxmanen/ nf. crew khmanşô /ˈxmanʃɔ/ nm. homicide khmanûhe /ˈxmanʊhe/ conj. because khmar /xmar/ v. confirm, validate khmas /xmas/ v. feel khmaş /xmaʃ/ adj. full khmasa /ˈxmasa/ v. flick khmasat /ˈxmasat/ nm. feeling khmase /ˈxmase/ nm. wagon khmaset /ˈxmaset/ v. foster khmaşfûlpe /ˈxmaʃfʊlpe/ nf. link khmat /xmat/ nn. store, shop khmate /ˈxmate/ v. whisk khmatô /ˈxmatɔ/ v. smack khmav /xmav/ v. inherit khmavne /ˈxmavne/ v. oppress khmavreş /ˈxmavreʃ/ v. graduate khmavrôs /ˈxmavrɔs/ nm. reef khmavûyu /ˈxmavʊju/ adj. excellent, fantastic, wonderful, fabulous, terrific khmaya /ˈxmaja/ adj. jolly khmaye /ˈxmaje/ prep. outside khmayôd /ˈxmajɔd/ nn. voyage khmaz /xmaz/ nm. event khme /xme/ prep. for (a period of time or length of distance) khmebu /ˈxmebu/ nn. dream khmed /xmed/ nm. lot khmeduz /ˈxmeduz/ nm. toast khmef /xmef/ prep. for (in favor of) khmeglu /ˈxmeglu/ nm. industry khmeglul /ˈxmeglul/ adj. industrial khmegu /ˈxmegu/ nm. exile khmehyud /ˈxmehjud/ adj. fragile khmehyum /ˈxmehjum/ v. organize khmekum /ˈxmekum/ nf. torso khmel /xmel/ nf. interview khmelhu /ˈxmelhu/ nf. situation khmelkhu /ˈxmelxu/ nn. trigger khmelmun /ˈxmelmun/ nm. mustache khmelpu /ˈxmelpu/ nf. step (one level of stairs) khmem /xmem/ nm. team, couple khmemu /ˈxmemu/ nm. waiter khmemyu /ˈxmemju/ nn. religion khmemyul /ˈxmemjul/ adj. religious khmen /xmen/ nf. top (clothing) khmenus /ˈxmenus/ nn. den khmenuş /ˈxmenuʃ/ nm. apparatus khmer /xmer/ adj. wrong khmeru /ˈxmeru/ nn. officer, official khmes /xmes/ adj. hungry khmeş /xmeʃ/ nf. fence khmeşu /ˈxmeʃu/ adj. light (weight) khmesul /ˈxmesul/ adj. antique khmet /xmet/ nm. poem khmetu /ˈxmetu/ nm. tray khmeu /ˈxmeu/ adj. practical, pragmatic khmev /xmev/ v. cross khmevnu /ˈxmevnu/ v. splash khmevu /ˈxmevu/ adj. minor, mere khmeyu /ˈxmeju/ adj. ancient khmez /xmez/ v. come, become, get khmezu /ˈxmezu/ v. vomit khmô /xmɔ/ nn. room (of house) khmôa /ˈxmɔa/ nf. plaque khmôdat /ˈxmɔdat/ nm. compartment khmôdeş /ˈxmɔdeʃ/ nf. lung khmôdoz /ˈxmɔdoz/ nf. progress khmôdûgû /ˈxmɔdʊgʊ/ nf. coincidence khmôdzeş /ˈxmɔdzeʃ/ v. brake khmôfim /ˈxmɔfim/ nf. beetle khmôfni /ˈxmɔfni/ v. smuggle khmôfno /ˈxmɔfno/ v. control khmôfnôzi /ˈxmɔfnɔzi/ nm. vent khmôfşa /ˈxmɔfʃa/ nm. hag (old woman) khmôfşe /ˈxmɔfʃe/ nm. weapon khmôfşeô /ˈxmɔfʃeɔ/ nf. armoury khmôgli /ˈxmɔgli/ nn. fabric, textile khmôglô /ˈxmɔglɔ/ nm. sand khmôgo /ˈxmɔgo/ v. swipe khmôgûdu /ˈxmɔgʊdu/ nf. circus khmôha /ˈxmɔha/ v. roam khmôhe /ˈxmɔhe/ v. desire khmôhi /ˈxmɔhi/ v. consolidate khmôhô /ˈxmɔhɔ/ nf. bitch khmôhyat /ˈxmɔhjat/ nf. witch khmôhzef /ˈxmɔhzef/ nn. lesbian khmôhziv /ˈxmɔhziv/ nn. content khmôhzov /ˈxmɔhzov/ adv. somewhere khmôhzôv /ˈxmɔhzɔv/ nm. knife khmôkel /ˈxmɔkel/ nm. triangle khmôkhin /ˈxmɔxin/ interj. no khmôkhod /ˈxmɔxod/ v. contaminate khmôkhôme /ˈxmɔxɔme/ v. mold khmôkhot /ˈxmɔxot/ adj. slender khmôkhûsre /ˈxmɔxʊsre/ v. saturate khmôkis /ˈxmɔkis/ nm. critique khmôkoş /ˈxmɔkoʃ/ v. affirm khmôlhô /ˈxmɔlhɔ/ adj. firm, rigid, solid khmôlid /ˈxmɔlid/ nf. mandate khmôlkha /ˈxmɔlxa/ v. practice khmôlkhi /ˈxmɔlxi/ adj. miniature khmôlkho /ˈxmɔlxo/ nf. fossil khmôlkhûlkus /ˈxmɔlxʊlkus/ v. wash, rinse khmôlmo /ˈxmɔlmo/ adj. physical khmôlmor /ˈxmɔlmor/ nf. temper khmôlmûyû /ˈxmɔlmʊjʊ/ nf. heritage khmôlyav /ˈxmɔljav/ nn. heaven, paradise khmômi /ˈxmɔmi/ nf. ammunition khmômo /ˈxmɔmo/ nf. doctrine khmômô /ˈxmɔmɔ/ nn. edge khmômre /ˈxmɔmre/ nf. umbrella khmômrôfni /ˈxmɔmrɔfni/ adj. extinct khmômûhyul /ˈxmɔmʊhjul/ v. boost khmômyez /ˈxmɔmjez/ nm. tail, penis, ass khmônet /ˈxmɔnet/ adj. ignorant 35 khmônşa /ˈxmɔnʃa/ nn. legend khmônşi /ˈxmɔnʃi/ nn. flower khmônşo /ˈxmɔnʃo/ nn. winter khmônûked /ˈxmɔnʊked/ nn. crop khmônûô /ˈxmɔnʊɔ/ v. curse khmôo /ˈxmɔo/ nn. comrade khmôro /ˈxmɔro/ nm. button, knob khmôrô /ˈxmɔrɔ/ v. convince khmôrômru /ˈxmɔrɔmru/ nf. kink (sharp twist) khmôryo /ˈxmɔrjo/ nm. shelter, shield khmôryûo /ˈxmɔrjʊo/ v. confer khmôş /xmɔʃ/ pron. they, them (feminine) khmôsar /ˈxmɔsar/ nf. broth khmôsaş /ˈxmɔsaʃ/ num. trillion khmôşfûye /ˈxmɔʃfʊje/ nm. semen khmôsos /ˈxmɔsos/ nf. kit khmôşûdun /ˈxmɔʃʊdun/ adj. equivalent khmôsûkûv /ˈxmɔsʊkʊv/ adv. forward khmôto /ˈxmɔto/ adj. ripe khmôu /ˈxmɔu/ nm. glove khmôva /ˈxmɔva/ v. masturbate khmôve /ˈxmɔve/ num. third khmôvi /ˈxmɔvi/ nm. cabinet, drawer khmôvnem /ˈxmɔvnem/ v. audit khmôvnom /ˈxmɔvnom/ v. admire khmôvnûhyal /ˈxmɔv nʊhjal/ nn. mall khmôvô /ˈxmɔvɔ/ nn. bump khmôyo /ˈxmɔjo/ nm. leverage khmôza /ˈxmɔza/ interj. goodbye khmôzi /ˈxmɔzi/ v. throw, hurk, fling, fire khne /xne/ det. this khne /xne/ pron. he, him, it khnebu /ˈxnebu/ nn. wall khned /xned/ adj. high, tall khneduz /ˈxneduz/ nm. alien khnef /xnef/ nn. machine, device, equipment, gadget khnefnu /ˈxnefnu/ nm. discount khnegu /ˈxnegu/ nf. saint khnehyum /ˈxnehjum/ v. found, establish khnekhud /ˈxnexud/ nn. vintage khnel bav /xnel bav/ nf. citizen khnel /xnel/ nm. country khnelkud /ˈxnelkud/ nn. justice khnelul /ˈxnelul/ v. forgive, excuse khnem /xnem/ adj. even khnemu /ˈxnemu/ v. know (be aquainted with) khnen /xnen/ v. stay, remain khnenum /ˈxnenum/ nn. web khner /xner/ adj. general khneru /ˈxneru/ nn. barrel khneryu /ˈxnerju/ v. decay khnes /xnes/ num. first khnet /xnet/ adj. popular khneu /ˈxneu/ v. brag khnev /xnev/ nm. risk khnevrut /ˈxnevrut/ v. deny, reject, refuse, dismiss khneyu /ˈxneju/ nf. witness khnez /xnez/ nf. drug, medicine khnezal /ˈxnezal/ adj. medical khnezô /ˈxnezɔ/ nm. chemist khnô /xnɔ/ nm. use khnô /xnɔ/ v. use, utilize, employ, exploit khnôa /ˈxnɔa/ nf. fairy khnôbi /ˈxnɔbi/ pron. plenty khnôbôyid /ˈxnɔbɔjid/ nm. man, boyfriend khnôd /xnɔd/ adv. still khnôdez /ˈxnɔdez/ nn. patriot khnôdiş /ˈxnɔdiʃ/ adj. viable khnôdôglu /ˈxnɔdɔglu/ v. appraise khnôdzôd /ˈxnɔdzɔd/ v. drip khnôdzôglô /ˈxnɔdzɔglɔ/ v. identify, point out, classify, diagnose khnôf /xnɔf/ v. freeze khnôfas /ˈxnɔfas/ nf. chick (girl) khnôfed /ˈxnɔfed/ v. choose, select khnôfedat /ˈxnɔfedat/ nn. choice khnôfna /ˈxnɔfna/ nf. chin khnôfni /ˈxnɔfni/ nm. shadow khnôfnûhyim /ˈxnɔfnʊhjim/ nf. dove khnôfôfşa /ˈxnɔfɔfʃa/ nf. compound khnôfol /ˈxnɔfol/ v. dine khnôfşi /ˈxnɔfʃi/ adj. triple khnôfşûnom /ˈxnɔfʃʊnom/ nm. commodity khnôgli /ˈxnɔ gli/ nf. bicycle khnôglûha /ˈxnɔglʊha/ nm. narrative khnôgûdzul /ˈxnɔgʊdzul/ nn. total, sum khnôha /ˈxnɔha/ adj. tactical khnôhi /ˈxnɔhi/ v. encompass khnôho /ˈxnɔho/ nn. election khnôhyad /ˈxnɔhjad/ nm. agency khnôhyis /ˈxnɔhjis/ v. surrender, give up khnôhzen /ˈxnɔhzen/ nf. fog, mist khnôhzif /ˈxnɔhzif/ v. owe khnôhzôş /ˈxnɔhzɔʃ/ nm. paper khnôkam /ˈxnɔkam/ nn. confluence khnôkhôt /ˈxnɔxɔt/ nn. carcass khnôkid /ˈxnɔkid/ nm. characteristic khnôkom /ˈxnɔkom/ v. impress khnôkûdar /ˈxnɔkʊdar/ nn. privilege khnôl /xnɔl/ nm. past khnôlan /ˈxnɔlan/ v. drench khnôlar /ˈxnɔlar/ nm. ply khnôlhô /ˈxnɔlhɔ/ v. roar khnôlim /ˈxnɔlim/ adj. sour khnôlir /ˈxnɔlir/ adj. sober khnôlkul /ˈxnɔlkul/ nm. prophet khnôlme /ˈxnɔlme/ adj. empirical khnôlmir /ˈxnɔlmir/ v. stretch khnôlmiş /ˈxnɔlmiʃ/ nf. data khnôloz /ˈxnɔloz/ v. spoil khnôlûhtôl /ˈxnɔlʊhtɔl/ v. bribe khnôma /ˈxnɔma/ adj. quick khnômo /ˈxnɔmo/ nm. lamp khnômôfni /ˈxnɔmɔfni/ num. thousand khnômôkhin /ˈxnɔmɔxin/ nm. gas khnômri /ˈxnɔmri/ nm. cove khnômye /ˈxnɔmje/ nf.siren khnôn /xnɔn/ nm. scale (instrument for weighing) khnônez /ˈxnɔnez/ nn. attention khnôniş /ˈxnɔniʃ/ nm. memorial khnôniv /ˈxnɔniv/ nf. faith khnônor /ˈxnɔnor/ v. provide khnônoş /ˈxnɔnoʃ/ v. display khnônşo /ˈxnɔnʃo/ nm. piano khnônşu /ˈxnɔnʃu/ v. bark khnônûtô /ˈxnɔnʊtɔ/ v. paralyze khnôo /ˈxnɔo/ nn. genetics khnôr /xnɔr/ nn. theory khnôra /ˈxnɔra/ nm. devil khnôrûlkud /ˈxnɔrʊlkud/ nf. version khnôrûu /ˈxnɔrʊu/ nm. brow khnôrya /ˈxnɔrja/ adj. aroused (sexually) khnôrye /ˈxnɔrje/ v. crash, collide khnôryi /ˈxnɔrji/ adj. clean khnôs /xnɔs/ adv. soon khnôşa /ˈxnɔʃa/ nf. percent khnôşe /ˈxnɔʃe/ nm. interest khnôşfad /ˈxnɔʃfad/ adv. however khnôşfaf /ˈxnɔʃfaf/ v. touch khnôşfôn /ˈxnɔʃfɔn/ v. notice, recognize khnôşfôz /ˈxnɔʃfɔz/ nm. ferry khnôsil /ˈxnɔsil/ nm. fan (enthusiast) khnôsri /ˈxnɔsri/ v. regard, deem khnôsrûryo /ˈxnɔsrʊrjo/ adj. early khnôt /xnɔt/ adv. now khnôti /ˈxnɔti/ v. creep khnôto /ˈxnɔto/ nm. maple khnôtô /ˈxnɔtɔ/ v. assemble, congregate khnôu /ˈxnɔu/ adv. elsewhere khnôv /xnɔv/ v. justify khnôva /ˈxnɔva/ adj. loyal khnôvnad /ˈxnɔvnad/ nn. nutrition khnôvni /ˈxnɔvni/ nn. foundation khnôvnid /ˈxnɔvnid/ nn. lid khnôvno /ˈxnɔvno/ nm. heir 36 khnôvnôm /ˈxnɔvnɔm/ nm. sensation khnôvnu /ˈxnɔvnu/ nn. spy khnôvo /ˈxnɔvo/ nn. flour khnôvral /ˈxnɔvral/ nf. scout khnôvril /ˈxnɔvril/ nm. stitch khnôvros /ˈxnɔvros/ adj. backward khnôvrôv /ˈxnɔvrɔv/ nf. trip khnôvûzi /ˈxnɔvʊzi/ v. crunch khnôya /ˈxnɔja/ v. announce, proclaim, advertise, testify khnôyat /ˈxnɔjat/ nn. advertisement khnôyid /ˈxnɔjid/ nm. courtesy khnôyo /ˈxnɔjo/ v. vote khnôz /xnɔz/ nf. market khnôzi /ˈxnɔzi/ nm. colony khnôzo /ˈxnɔzo/ adj. rugged khnôzô /ˈxnɔzɔ/ v. hail khô /xɔ/ nn. sky, space (outer) khôa /ˈxɔa/ v. refer, attribute khôat /ˈxɔat/ nm. reference khôbi /ˈxɔbi/ v. loom khôbôfno /ˈxɔbɔfno/ v. tremble khôd /xɔd/ prep. above khôdar /ˈxɔdar/ nm. coconut khôdôr /ˈxɔdɔr/ adj. obscure khôdzal /ˈxɔdzal/ v. knock khôdzis /ˈxɔdzis/ nm. wedding khôf /xɔf/ v. flush khôfna /ˈxɔfna/ v. hurry khôfno /ˈxɔfno/ nf. sketch khôfnô /ˈxɔfnɔ/ nn. telescope khôfnôto /ˈxɔfnɔto/ adj. lethal, fatal khôfşûnov /ˈxɔfʃʊnov/ nn. pottery khôfşûsot /ˈxɔfʃʊsot/ adj. cheap khôgla /ˈxɔgla/ v. prowl khôgli /ˈxɔgli/ v. scrub khôgûmu /ˈxɔgʊmu/ nm. hurdle khôhi /ˈxɔhi/ nm. grit khôho /ˈxɔho/ v. attack khôhôsa /ˈxɔhɔsa/ v. recover khôhtôm /ˈxɔhtɔm/ nm. pear khôhtûlkôt /ˈxɔhtʊlkɔt/ v. volunteer khôhûro /ˈxɔhʊro/ adj. fertile khôhûror /ˈxɔhʊror/ nn. fertility khôhyod /ˈxɔhjod/ nf. wound khôhyôd /ˈxɔhjɔd/ adv. almost khôhzav /ˈxɔhzav/ adj. damn khôkaz /ˈxɔkaz/ nm. upper class khôkev /ˈxɔkev/ nn. desert khôkhin /ˈxɔxin/ adj. sore khôkhir /ˈxɔxir/ nm. geography khôkhod /ˈxɔxod/ nn. reward, profit khôkhôhzôz /ˈxɔxɔhzɔz/ nm. commentary khôkhor /ˈxɔxor/ adj. calm, patient khôkit /ˈxɔkit/ adv. sometimes khôkô /ˈxɔkɔ/ nm. mummy khôkod /ˈxɔkod/ v. gesture khôkûhyad /ˈxɔkʊhjad/ nf. backup khôl /xɔl/ nf. street khôlhô /ˈxɔlhɔ/ nn. venue khôlkad /ˈxɔlkad/ nf. resident khôlkel /ˈxɔlkel/ nm. hut khôlkha /ˈxɔlxa/ nn. prototype khôlkhô /ˈxɔlxɔ/ nf. calf khôlkim /ˈxɔlkim/ nf. text khôlmav /ˈxɔlmav/ nf. film khôlmaz /ˈxɔlmaz/ adj. forensic khôlmôş /ˈxɔlmɔʃ/ v. shout, yell khôlmûşû /ˈxɔlmʊʃʊ/ nm. limb khôlôs /ˈxɔlɔs/ v. affiliate khôlpûdzuv /ˈxɔlpʊdzuv/ v. grind khôlyef /ˈxɔljef/ nm. chicken, fowl khôlyeş /ˈxɔljeʃ/ nn. flu khôlyev /ˈxɔljev/ prep. onto khôm /xɔm/ v. respect khôma /ˈxɔma/ adv. often khôme /ˈxɔme/ nf. graphic khômi /ˈxɔmi/ nm. linguistics khômre /ˈxɔmre/ nm. brother khômro /ˈxɔmro/ nm. tool khôn /xɔn/ v. set khônif /ˈxɔnif/ nm. toy khônşa /ˈxɔnʃa/ nn. compassion, mercy, empathy, sympathy khôr /xɔr/ v. govern khôra /ˈxɔra/ nf. stay khôrat /ˈxɔrat/ nf. government khôri /ˈxɔri/ prep. beside khôryo /ˈxɔrjo/ nm. strand khôryô /ˈxɔrjɔ/ nm. darling khôs /xɔs/ v. fight khôş /xɔʃ/ adj. round khôsa /ˈxɔsa/ v. intercept khôşa /ˈxɔʃa/ adj. transparent khôsaf /ˈxɔsaf/ nf. tea khôsas /ˈxɔsas/ nn. exhibit khôseş /ˈxɔseʃ/ v. complain khôşfad /ˈxɔʃfad/ nm. blunder khôşfôr /ˈxɔʃfɔr/ nf. sex khôsiv /ˈxɔsiv/ v. inject khôşo /ˈxɔʃo/ v. prevent khôşôlhu /ˈxɔʃɔlhu/ nf. astronomy khôsra /ˈxɔsra/ v. swing, sway khôsrô /ˈxɔsrɔ/ nf. level khôt /xɔt/ v. miss (not hit), miss (not take advantage of) khôu /ˈxɔu/ adv. later khôv /xɔv/ v. behave (act) khôvat /ˈxɔvat/ nm. behavior khôvi /ˈxɔvi/ nm. eyelash khôvrat /ˈxɔvrat/ adv. rather khôya /ˈxɔja/ nm. neighbor khôye /ˈxɔje/ nn. verse khôyi /ˈxɔji/ nm. soldier, guerrilla khôyûşa /ˈxɔjʊʃa/ adj. absurd khôz /xɔz/ det. his, its khôz /xɔz/ nn. brain, wit khôza /ˈxɔza/ nm. orchestra khôzo /ˈxɔzo/ v. shock, startle, stun khôzô /ˈxɔzɔ/ nn. monopoly L li /li/ nn. task lid /lid/ nm. trap lif /lif/ nm. intestine lil /lil/ v. hope lim /lim/ nm. example lin /lin/ nn. current lis /lis/ nn. floor, ground, bottom (lowest part) liş /liʃ/ nf. dawn lit /lit/ nf. ass liv /liv/ nn. rebel liz /liz/ nm. bone lu /lu/ adv. here lua /ˈlua/ nf. appearance (act of appearing) lubi /ˈlubi/ v. borrow lubô /ˈlubɔ/ nn. coin lubu /ˈlubu/ v. fuck, screw lud /lud/ adv. not luduf /ˈluduf/ adj. silly ludûhû /ˈludʊhʊ/ v. crumble ludut /ˈludut/ v. spread ludûyûd /ˈludʊjʊd/ nn. residue ludzat /ˈludzat/ nm. sanctuary ludzel /ˈludzel/ v. love luf /luf/ adv. less lufid /ˈlufid/ nm. bridge lufna /ˈlufna/ nn. boss lufna /ˈlufna/ nn. leader lufnu /ˈlufnu/ adv. otherwise lufşa /ˈlufʃa/ adj. redundant lufşo /ˈlufʃo/ adj. buxom lufud /ˈlufud/ adj. volatile luge /ˈluge/ v. feign lugo /ˈlugo/ v. realize 37 lugô / ˈlugɔ/ nm. meadow lugûbu / ˈlugʊbu/ nm. plane lugûful / ˈlugʊful/ v. march luhi / ˈluhi/ nm. water, mirror luhted / ˈluhted/ v. postulate luhtit / ˈluhtit/ nn. zombie luhtôt / ˈluhtɔt/ v. denounce luhtul / ˈluhtul/ v. must luhyil / ˈluhjil/ nf. salad luhyul / ˈluhjul/ adj. hot luhyulûr / ˈluhjulʊr/ nm. heat luhzof / ˈluhzof/ v. prescribe luhzon / ˈluhzon/ adv. tonight luhzov / ˈluhzov/ nm. field, garden luhzuş / ˈluhzuʃ/ adj. futile lukhaf / ˈluxaf/ adj. fair, just lukod / ˈlukod/ v. isolate lukum / ˈlukum/ nf. lust lul /lul/ adv. then lulhi / ˈlulhi/ v. transfer lulhô / ˈlulhɔ/ nm. adventure lulhûfni / ˈlulhʊfni/ v. arouse lulhûu / ˈlulhʊu/ v. pray lulid / ˈlulid/ nf. brochure lulis / ˈlulis/ v. reveal, expose, uncover lulkem / ˈlulkem/ nn. gold lulkhi / ˈlulxi/ nm. sheet lulkhûglu / ˈlulxʊglu/ nm. armpit lulkol / ˈlulkol/ nm. figure lulkom / ˈlulkom/ nf. grease lulmi / ˈlulmi/ nm. document lulmuz luhzov / ˈlulmuz ˈ luhzov/ nn.orchard lulmuz / ˈlulmuz/ nm. fruit lulpi / ˈlulpi/ num. nine lulut / ˈlulut/ v. agitate lulyan / ˈluljan/ adj. vivid lulyon / ˈluljon/ nf. repertoire lum /lum/ v. eat lume / ˈlume/ nf. heel lumi / ˈlumi/ v. separate, divide lumit / ˈlumit/ nf. division lumo / ˈlumo/ nm. hoax lumô / ˈlumɔ/ nn. maid lumre / ˈlumre/ nf. fantasy lumro / ˈlumro/ nm. hammer lumru / ˈlumru/ adj. composite lumu / ˈlumu/ nn. board lumyuf / ˈlumjuf/ adj. burly lunem / ˈlunem/ v. wipe lunşa / ˈlunʃa/ nm. velvet lunûre / ˈlunʊre/ nf. lipstick luo / ˈluo/ nn. meal luô / ˈluɔ/ nm. frog lure / ˈlure/ nm. right, entitlement luri / ˈluri/ v. lament luro / ˈluro/ v. surround lurôşi / ˈlurɔʃi/ v. donate lurye / ˈlurje/ nn. lottery luryo / ˈlurjo/ v. mumble luryô / ˈlurjɔ/ nf. friction luryûmo / ˈlurjʊmo/ nn. cracker lus /lus/ nm. year luş /lu ʃ/ adj. certain luşa / ˈluʃa/ nf. miracle lusal / ˈlusal/ v. recruit luşe / ˈluʃe/ pron. everybody luşfûlpe / ˈluʃfʊlpe/ nm. skillet luşi / ˈluʃi/ num. million luşo / ˈluʃo/ nm. formula luşu / ˈluʃu/ nm. scar lut /lut/ nm. son luti / ˈluti/ nf. shoe luto / ˈluto/ adj. stupid, dumb, silly lutu / ˈlutu/ nm. road luv /luv/ v. measure luva / ˈluva/ v. save, rescue luve / ˈluve/ v. lie luvo / ˈluvo/ nm. kerosene luvrûlkhe / ˈluvrʊlxe/ v. pull, yank, tug, tow luvu / ˈluvu/ v. drink luvûhyus / ˈluvʊhjus/ nm. revolution luye / ˈluje/ v. train, coach luyi / ˈluji/ nm. hair (of head), hair (of body) luyid / ˈlujid/ nm. cylinder luyu / ˈluju/ adj. drunk (inebriated) luz /luz/ nm. chance, odds, luck luza / ˈluza/ nf. queen luze / ˈluze/ nm. skirmish luzôba / ˈluzɔba/ v. introduce M mi /mi/ part. future tense particle mi /mi/ prep. on mibu / ˈmibu/ nm. midriff mid /mid/ nn. group, crowd midi / ˈmidi/ v. align midzul / ˈmidzul/ nm. atom mif /mif/ det. few mifud / ˈmifud/ nf. facade mihzut / ˈmihzut/ adj. gentle mikim / ˈmikim/ v. sip mil /mil/ nf. page milhu / ˈmilhu/ adj. straight milim / ˈmilim/ v. certify milir / ˈmilir/ adj. marine milyiş / ˈmiljiʃ/ v. tumble mim /mim/ v. take mimu / ˈmimu/ nm. bottom (lowest part), buttocks mimyuz / ˈmimjuz/ v. scan min /min/ nn. fur minşi / ˈminʃ i/ adv. basically mir /mir/ nf. god mis /mis/ det. her, its mis /mis/ nm. control miş /mi ʃ/ nn. message, letter (written document) mişfiz / ˈmiʃfiz/ v. shudder, shiver mişi / ˈmiʃi/ nn. tin misru / ˈmisru/ nf. gang mit /mit/ v. roast miu / ˈmiu/ nm. comment mivu / ˈmivu/ adj. subtle mivur / ˈmivur/ nn. subtlety miyu / ˈmiju/ nm. spa miz /miz/ det. these mo /mo/ adv. so, therefore, thus mobo / ˈmobo/ adj. angry, mad mobor / ˈmobor/ nn. anger mod /mod/ num. two modeş / ˈmodeʃ/ adj. permanent modo / ˈmodo/ v. ache modon / ˈmodon/ nf. sign, signal modzev / ˈmodzev/ nf. horizon modzis / ˈmodzis/ v. rally modzol / ˈmodzol/ nm. mask, veil mofed / ˈmofed/ adj. excruciating mofnô / ˈmofnɔ/ adj. blonde mofşa / ˈmofʃa/ nf. implant mofşo / ˈmofʃo/ nm. glasses moglô / ˈmoglɔ/ v. enrich mogo / ˈmogo/ v. dance moha / ˈmoha/ nm. well, reservoir mohtis / ˈmohtis/ nm. kin mohtol / ˈmohtol/ nm. packet mohûsro / ˈmohʊsro/ nn. constitution mohyem / ˈmohjem/ nm. title mohyûşa / ˈmohjʊʃa/ v. dare mohzaş / ˈmohzaʃ/ v. sweep mohzômyû / ˈmohzɔmjʊ/ v. erode mohzor / ˈmohzor/ nn. idiot, fool mokal / ˈmokal/ v. long (want for) mokes / ˈmokes/ v. duck mokhan / ˈmoxan/ nn. comedy, humor 38 mokhôf /ˈmoxɔf/ nn. port mokhoş /ˈmoxoʃ/ v. pierce, penetrate mokil /ˈmokil/ v. torture mokod /ˈmokod/ adj. attractive molad /ˈmolad/ nn. coffee moladô /ˈmoladɔ/ nf. cafe molem /ˈmolem/ v. reap, plow molez /ˈmolez/ v. increase, expand, gain molhi /ˈmolhi/ nf. location molho /ˈmolho/ v. review, analyze molhô /ˈmolhɔ/ nf. scrap molhûfni /ˈmolhʊfni/ nn. lizard molkha /ˈmolxa/ nf. flaw molkhûryu /ˈmolxʊrju/ v. vanish, disappear molmaf /ˈmolmaf/ nm. bucket molmoş /ˈmolmoʃ/ v. resist molmov /ˈmolmov/ nf. award molmûnûn /ˈmolmʊnʊn/ adj. elite molon /ˈmolon/ pron. everything molpe /ˈmolpe/ nn. ceremony molpi /ˈmolpi/ nf. herd molpô /ˈmolpɔ/ adj. primitive molûryô /ˈmolʊrjɔ/ nn. military molyaş /ˈmoljaʃ/ v. scratch, scrape, rub, stroke, massage molyer /ˈmoljer/ nn. panorama molyoz /ˈmoljoz/ nm. hero, protagonist mom /mom/ nm. amount, quantity moma /ˈmoma/ nn. transcript mome /ˈmome/ v. arm momi /ˈmomi/ nf. knowledge momo /ˈmomo/ nn. age momôyid /ˈmomɔjid/ nm. courier momre /ˈmomre/ nm. sap momûkit /ˈmomʊkit/ nn. academy momûkital /ˈmomʊˌ kital/ adj. academic momûvu /ˈmomʊvu/ nn. porch, veranda momyi /ˈmomji/ adj. sorry momyo /ˈmomjo/ nm. metal mon /mon/ nm. throat monam /ˈmonam/ adj. prevalent monem /ˈmonem/ adj. fierce monet /ˈmonet/ nm. artillery monim /ˈmonim/ nm. disgust monôn /ˈmonɔn/ nm. palette monşi /ˈmonʃi/ nf. battle moô /ˈmoɔ/ nm. service mor /mor/ nn. pipe moryi /ˈmorji/ nn. chime moş /moʃ/ nn. grass, lawn, turf moşfin /ˈmoʃfin/ nm. breeze moşo /ˈmoʃo/ nm. spot moşôgu /ˈmoʃɔgu/ nm. demon mosra /ˈmosra/ nf. surface mosre /ˈmosre/ nf. mural mosûbu /ˈmosʊbu/ nm. sermon moşûhyulôgla /ˈmoʃʊˌ hjulɔgla/ adj. guilty moşûlmuz /ˈmoʃʊlmuz/ adj. fat mot ked /mot ked/ nn. library mot /mot/ nf. book, magazine mota /ˈmota/ adj. tight, compact mov /mov/ v. cooperate, collaborate, conspire move /ˈmove/ nn. hub movi /ˈmovi/ v. face movne /ˈmovne/ nm. tablet, slab movnô /ˈmovnɔ/ nf. boulder movnôfal /ˈmovnɔfal/ v. swirl movo /ˈmovo/ v. check movô /ˈmovɔ/ nm. hurricane movres /ˈmovres/ v. sprout movrôre /ˈmovrɔre/ nm. pan, saucepan moyi /ˈmoji/ v. cater moyo /ˈmojo/ nn. elimination moyûza /ˈmojʊza/ v. cram moz /moz/ nm. question, query mozo /ˈmozo/ nn. gender mozô /ˈmozɔ/ prep. throughout mozôkad /ˈmozɔkad/ nm. uncle mu /mu/ prep. of mua /ˈmua/ adj. casual muba /ˈmuba/ adj. stubborn mube /ˈmube/ v. merge mubi /ˈmubi/ nm. pencil mubo /ˈmubo/ nm. detail mubu /ˈmubu/ v. present, introduce mubûhzir /ˈmubʊhzir/ nn. ward mud /mud/ v. receive, earn, gain, acquire, score mudar /ˈmudar/ v. fascinate mudiv /ˈmudiv/ adj. social muduz /ˈmuduz/ adj. bright, clear mudzôl /ˈmudzɔl/ nf. family mudzum /ˈmudzum/ nm. parsley mudzut /ˈmudzut/ adj. nice mudzuv /ˈmudzuv/ v. pity muf /muf/ det. more mufid /ˈmufid/ v. hate mufna /ˈmufna/ nm. deed mufni /ˈmufni/ adj. scarce mufnô /ˈmufnɔ/ nm. giant mufôt /ˈmufɔt/ nm. spirit mufşi /ˈmufʃi/ nn. ambassador mufşo /ˈmufʃo/ v. lean, bow (greet) mufşu /ˈmufʃu/ nn. thumb mufu /ˈmufu/ adj. brief mufud /ˈmufud/ nm. habitat mugi /ˈmugi/ nm. gown muglo /ˈmuglo/ v. contradict mugo /ˈmugo/ nm. costume mugûhu /ˈmugʊhu/ nf. ensemble mugûvu /ˈmugʊvu/ nm. joke, humor muhe /ˈmuhe/ nm. ancestor, forefather muho /ˈmuho/ nm. soap muhô /ˈmuhɔ/ v. multiply muhtûdzût /ˈmuhtʊdzʊt/ nf. cup muhyem /ˈmuhjem/ v. interrupt muhyes /ˈmuhjes/ nf. cocktail muhyôd /ˈmuhjɔd/ v. whistle muhyôga /ˈmuhjɔga/ v. foresee, predict muhyul /ˈmuhjul/ adj. stark muhyûner /ˈmuhjʊner/ adj. infinite muhzav /ˈmuhzav/ v. smirk muhzev /ˈmuhzev/ v. stamp muhzoş /ˈmuhzoʃ/ nm. feather, pen mukhuv /ˈmuxuv/ v. embrace mukim /ˈmukim/ nm. torch, candle mukul /ˈmukul/ v. vow mul /mul/ v. sit mulha /ˈmulha/ v. fire (from job) mulhi /ˈmulhi/ prep. beyond mulho /ˈmulho/ adj. loud, noisy mulhô /ˈmulhɔ/ v. retrieve, bring back, fetch mulis /ˈmulis/ nm. mail mulkim /ˈmulkim/ v. release, let go, let out mulkôm /ˈmulkɔm/ v. tease, flirt mulkûkûş /ˈmulkʊkʊʃ/ nf. peasant mulmen /ˈmulmen/ nf. quota mulmon /ˈmulmon/ v. sustain mulmot /ˈmulmot/ adj. mean, vicious mulmut /ˈmulmut/ nm. oasis mulmuz /ˈmulmuz/ v. involve, entail mulpe /ˈmulpe/ nn. verge mulud /ˈmulud/ nf. morale mulus /ˈmulus/ nf. flesh mulyeş /ˈmuljeʃ/ v. discriminate mulyif /ˈmuljif/ adj. gorgeous mulyiş /ˈmuljiʃ/ nn. joint mulyof /ˈmuljof/ v. pronounce mulyon /ˈmuljon/ nm. pornography mulyôz /ˈmuljɔz/ v. doom mulyûme /ˈmuljʊme/ nm. behalf mulyun /ˈmuljun/ nf. feast mum /mum/ det. my mum /mum/ v. teach, instruct, educate, explain muma /ˈmuma/ v. keep, store, hold, retain, save (put aside) mumat /ˈmumat/ nf. retention 39 mume /ˈmume/ nf. asteroid, comet mumi /ˈmumi/ nm. blanket mumo /ˈmumo/ nf. environment mumre /ˈmumre/ v. cover, protect mumret /ˈmumret/ nm. protection mumru /ˈmumru/ nf. felony mumu /ˈmumu/ nm. trial mumyur /ˈmumjur/ nm. carpet mumyuz /ˈmumjuz/ nm. garden mun /mun/ v. know (a fact) munam /ˈmunam/ nn. pump muniv /ˈmuniv/ nm. counsel munom /ˈmunom/ nm. revenge munôn /ˈmunɔn/ nf. bureaucracy munşu /ˈmunʃu/ nm. frenzy munum /ˈmunum/ nn. ham muo /ˈmuo/ nf. expert mur /mur/ pron. who mure /ˈmure/ nm. memo muro /ˈmuro/ nm. exit murûhyud /ˈmurʊhjud/ v. enlist murye /ˈmurje/ nn. hug muryo /ˈmurjo/ nm. predecessor muş şlihi /muʃ ˈ ʃlihi/ nm. necklace mus /mus/ nm. research muş /muʃ/ nm. neck muset /ˈmuset/ v. exclaim muşfer /ˈmuʃfer/ v. topple muşfif /ˈmuʃfif/ nn. bait musô /ˈmusɔ/ adj. earnest muşo /ˈmuʃo/ nm. fungus muşô /ˈmuʃɔ/ nm. reptile musôf /ˈmusɔf/ nm. luggage, baggage musos /ˈmusos/ v. gouge musra /ˈmusra/ nf. alibi musre /ˈmusre/ v. meet, find, encounter musrô /ˈmusrɔ/ v. ruffle musrûlal /ˈmusrʊlal/ adj. moral, noble muşûdu /ˈmuʃʊdu/ v. spin musuf /ˈmusuf/ v. manufacture musûfnô /ˈmusʊfnɔ/ v. return, go back musul /ˈmusul/ nn. cloth, material mut /mut/ v. offer muta /ˈmuta/ v. reproduce muti /ˈmuti/ v. depart muto /ˈmuto/ adj. naked, nude mutûhyom /ˈmutʊhjom/ adj. sufficient muv /muv/ nm. party muva /ˈmuva/ nf. arrow (weapon) muvned /ˈmuvned/ nm. juice, blood muvnum /ˈmuvnum/ v. flow muvnumô /ˈmuvnumɔ/ nn. sewer muvras /ˈmuvras/ nf. atmosphere muvrôv /ˈmuvrɔv/ v. stalk muvrûdzem /ˈmuvrʊdzem/ v. spook muvûlhu /ˈmuvʊlhu/ adj. various muvûmru /ˈmuvʊmru/ nm. pasture muya /ˈmuja/ nf. bead muyo /ˈmujo/ v. influence muz /muz/ det. which muzi /ˈmuzi/ v. stall muzo /ˈmuzo/ adj. aesthetic N na /na/ pron. we, us (excluding you) na /na/ v. think, ponder nabe /ˈnabe/ v. sniff nabi /ˈnabi/ v. seek nabô /ˈnabɔ/ nn. mosquito nabu /ˈnabu/ nf. census nad /nad/ v. have, have to (must), own, possess nada /ˈnada/ nm. cow nadiş /ˈnadiʃ/ v. respond, answer, reply nadişat /ˈnadiʃat/ nn. response nadiz /ˈnadiz/ nn. fury naduv /ˈnaduv/ v. concentrate, focus nadzit /ˈnadzit/ nn. hour nev /nev/ v. be nafna /ˈnafna/ nf. concrete nafne /ˈnafne/ nm. spider nafşa /ˈnafʃa/ v. spawn nafûşe /ˈnafʊʃe/ nf. princess naga /ˈnaga/ prep. plus nage /ˈnage/ nf. athlete nagla /ˈnagla/ nf. cotton nagle /ˈnagle/ v. embody naglu /ˈnaglu/ nn. emotion nago /ˈnago/ nm. swamp nahe /ˈnahe/ nf. junk nahi /ˈnahi/ pron. anybody nahtum /ˈnahtum/ nf. hair (of body), public hair nahtut /ˈnahtut/ nf. grill nahyim /ˈnahjim/ v. tangle nahyom /ˈnahjom/ nn. map, menu nahyûa /ˈnahjʊa/ nf. post nahyud /ˈnahjud/ v. deter nahyûma /ˈnahjʊma/ nf. veil nahyus /ˈnahjus/ nn. knob nahzûlkûl /ˈnahzʊlkʊl/ v. gear nahzur /ˈnahzur/ nm. chasm nakheş /ˈnaxeʃ/ v. balance nal /nal/ v. state nalha /ˈnalha/ nf. accountant nalkha /ˈnalxa/ adj. objective nalkod /ˈnalkod/ nm. opening nalmev /ˈnalmev/ nf. kiosk nalmiz /ˈnalmiz/ nm. sediment nalmu /ˈnalmu/ nm. prison, jail, dungeon nalmûnûm /ˈnalmʊnʊm/ v. deteriorate nalom /ˈnalom/ nn. junction nalpi /ˈnalpi/ nf. blouse nalpu /ˈnalpu/ nm. rake nalpûbu /ˈnalpʊbu/ v. generate nalpûhtum /ˈnalpʊhtum/ num. one nalûfnô /ˈnalʊfnɔ/ nf. niche nalyoz /ˈnaljoz/ v. usher nalyuv /ˈnaljuv/ nn. memento nalyuz /ˈnaljuz/ v. sail, navigate nam /nam/ adj. poor name /ˈname/ nf. skill nami /ˈnami/ nf. folder namo /ˈnamo/ nm. rank (military), rank (position) namre /ˈnamre/ nm. rabbit namrô /ˈnamrɔ/ v. attend, show up namu /ˈnamu/ adj. wise namya /ˈnamja/ adj. stiff namyef /ˈnamjef/ nf. law namyefal /ˈnamjefal/ adj. legal namyo /ˈnamjo/ v. produce, develop, publish, evolve namyô /ˈnamjɔ/ nn. excuse namyôn /ˈnamjɔn/ adj. skinny namyot /ˈnamjot/ nm. development namyu /ˈnamju/ nm. hawk nan /nan/ nn. parlor nanşômi /ˈnanʃɔmi/ nm. sweetheart nanud /ˈnanud/ nm. corn nanûhyôd /ˈnanʊhjɔd/ nm. twin nanum /ˈnanum/ nm. tribe nanuş /ˈnanuʃ/ v. sigh nanuv /ˈnanuv/ v. fold nanuz /ˈnanuz/ v. nominate naô /ˈnaɔ/ adj. vibrant nar /nar/ nf. effect nari /ˈnari/ nm. oxygen naro /ˈnaro/ nn. ginger -naru /ˈnaru/ v. please narut /ˈnarut/ nf. pleasure narye /ˈnarje/ adj. heavy naryu /ˈnarju/ nf. factor, variable nas /nas/ nm. milk, semen naş /naʃ/ v. violate nasa /ˈnasa/ adj. blank, plain 40 naşa / ˈnaʃa/ v. ignore, neglect, overlook naser / ˈnaser/ nf. powder naşfad / ˈnaʃfad/ adj. optimal naşfez / ˈnaʃfez/ v. tread, step on naşi / ˈnaʃi/ nf. spasm naşo / ˈnaʃo/ nm. platter nasra / ˈnasra/ nf. volume, capacity nasri / ˈnasri/ nf. course nasro / ˈnasro/ v. nap nasrô / ˈnasrɔ/ nm. spike nasu / ˈnasu/ v. tilt naşu / ˈnaʃu/ nn. grade, degree nasûglû / ˈnasʊglʊ/ nf. model nasur / ˈnasur/ adj. gross nasuv / ˈnasuv/ nf. cleavage nat /nat/ adv. up nat /nat/ nn. thought natô / ˈnatɔ/ nf. offense nau / ˈnau/ nn. vegetable nauô / ˈnauɔ/ nm. grocer nav /nav/ nn. helmet nava / ˈnava/ pron. anyone navne / ˈnavne/ nm. paradigm navnôa / ˈnavnɔa/ v. forge navô / ˈnavɔ/ nf. plug navril / ˈnavril/ adj. alone navu / ˈnavu/ nm. coral nayi / ˈnaji/ v. disperse nayu / ˈnaju/ nm. sovereign nayûga / ˈnajʊga/ nm. delight nayûvna / ˈnajʊvna/ nm. seizure naz /naz/ nn. system naza / ˈnaza/ nn. militia nazi / ˈnazi/ adj. reluctant nazo / ˈnazo/ nn. clay, brick nazôhzar / ˈnazɔhzar/ v. listen no /no/ prep. with (accompanied by) nod /nod/ nm. class, lesson nof /nof/ prep. about, concerning, regarding nol /nol/ v. say non /non/ nn. scissors nor /nor/ nf. source nos /nos/ conj. even noş /no ʃ/ nf. authority not duvi kôryi /not ˈduvi ˈ kɔrji/ nf. lobster not duvi /not ˈduvi/ nf. ocean not /not/ nf. mother nov /nov/ nm. report nov /nov/ v. report noz /noz/ v. put O orubi / ˈorubi/ nm. kitten otûgo / ˈotʊgo/ nm. puppy R rid şuv /rid ʃuv/ nf. pedestrian rid /rid/ nn. foot rif /rif/ nm. room (space) ril /ril/ nf. letter (of an alphabet) rim /rim/ nm. minute rir /rir/ nm. moss ris khmeş /ris xmeʃ/ nf. hedge ris /ris/ nn. plant riş /ri ʃ/ nn. forehead riv /riv/ nf. arm riz /riz/ adv. always, all the time, forever ru /ru/ v. let, allow, permit, approve, endorse rua / ˈrua/ nm. marathon ruba / ˈruba/ nn. ankle rubi / ˈrubi/ nm. cat rubô / ˈrubɔ/ nf. angle rubûnit şlo / ˈrubʊnit ʃlo/ nf. holiday rubûnit / ˈrubʊnit/ nm. festival ruda / ˈruda/ adj. fresh, crisp rudô / ˈrudɔ/ v. substitute rudôf / ˈrudɔf/ v. annoy, bother rudôz / ˈrudɔz/ adj. thorough rudzal / ˈrudzal/ adj. pregnant rudzaş / ˈrudzaʃ/ nm. commerce rudziv / ˈrudziv/ nm. bachelor rudzom / ˈrudzom/ adj. relevant rufid / ˈrufid/ nm. vein rufnô / ˈrufnɔ/ nf. mine rufnûvnim / ˈrufnʊvnim/ nf. picnic rufşu / ˈrufʃu/ v. yank, jerk rufşûlyov / ˈrufʃʊljov/ v. excel rufûa / ˈrufʊa/ nm. option ruge / ˈruge/ nm. supervisor rugi / ˈrugi/ nm. pond ruglo / ˈruglo/ nn. thesis ruglu / ˈruglu/ nm. amateur ruglûhzaz / ˈruglʊhzaz/ adj. lucrative rugô / ˈrugɔ/ v. faint rugu / ˈrugu/ nn. transplant ruhûkhoş / ˈruhʊxoʃ/ nm. master ruhûlaf / ˈruhʊlaf/ nm. breed ruhzav / ˈruhzav/ nm. bed ruhzaz / ˈruhzaz/ nm. membrane ruhzôlpû / ˈruhzɔlpʊ/ nn. camel ruhzôş / ˈruhzɔʃ/ conj. until ruhzuş / ˈruhzuʃ/ v. huddle rukav / ˈrukav/ v. spit rukhit / ˈruxit/ adj. autonomous rukhôfşô / ˈruxɔfʃɔ/ adj. desperate rukhuf / ˈruxuf/ nm. path, track rukôd / ˈrukɔd/ nf. parameter rul /rul/ v. be (age) rulad / ˈrulad/ nf. pun rulhô / ˈrulhɔ/ interj. welcome rulkhe / ˈrulxe/ v. peel rulkhô / ˈrulxɔ/ v. tolerate, indulge rulkim / ˈrulkim/ nf. clock rulmaf / ˈrulmaf/ nm. homeland, motherland rulman / ˈrulman/ adj. notorious rulpûu / ˈrulpʊu/ nf. barbecue rulus / ˈrulus/ v. wish rulyer / ˈruljer/ v. terminate rulyôv / ˈruljɔv/ nn. hazard rumi / ˈrumi/ v. swear rumôti / ˈrumɔti/ v. reform rumre / ˈrumre/ nm. con rumro / ˈrumro/ nm. insight rumrô / ˈrumrɔ/ nm. pumpkin rumu / ˈrumu/ nm. slice rumya / ˈrumja/ nn. recession rumyo / ˈrumjo/ nn. nest rumyûu / ˈrumjʊu/ nm. cult runed / ˈruned/ nn. cathedral runim / ˈrunim/ v. disappoint runoz / ˈrunoz/ nn. lunch runşu / ˈrunʃu/ nf. set, couple ruô / ˈruɔ/ v. trick, deceive rura / ˈrura/ v. distract ruru / ˈruru/ v. indicate rurya / ˈrurja/ nm. tent ruryi / ˈrurji/ nm. dart rusa / ˈrusa/ nm. voice rusav / ˈrusav/ nf. gravel ruşfer / ˈruʃfer/ v. haunt ruşi / ˈruʃi/ nm. dice ruşôfnu / ˈruʃɔfnu/ adj. confidential rusra / ˈrusra/ adj. exclusive rusri / ˈrusri/ adj. arrogant rusru / ˈrusru/ nm. screen ruşu / ˈruʃu/ nf. fang rut /rut/ nm. permission ruti / ˈruti/ adj. happy rutir / ˈrutir/ nm. happiness rutô / ˈrutɔ/ adj. static 41 rutu / ˈrutu/ nm. journey rutûkhoş / ˈrutʊxoʃ/ adv. maybe, perhaps ruvnad / ˈruvnad/ nn. romance ruvnam / ˈruvnam/ v. want, crave ruvno / ˈruvno/ adj. parallel ruvnud / ˈruvnud/ nm. complex ruvo / ˈruvo/ nm. germ, bacteria ruvô / ˈruvɔ/ nn. forecast ruvras / ˈruvras/ nm. town, population, city ruvrol / ˈruvrol/ nm. brass ruvroş / ˈruvroʃ/ nm. mistake, error ruyi / ˈruji/ nf. canvas ruyu / ˈruju/ adj. elusive ruza / ˈruza/ v. defy ruzi / ˈruzi/ v. divert ruzu / ˈruzu/ nn. pirate S si /si/ v. tell, announce, mention sibu / ˈsibu/ nf. terror sid /sid/ v. break, burst, smash, shatter sidir / ˈsidir/ nm. glue, paste sidôgla / ˈsidɔgla/ adj. broken sidun / ˈsidun/ v. bow sidzum / ˈsidzum/ adj. right (direction) sifis / ˈsifis/ adj. nervous, anxious siful / ˈsiful/ nm. migraine sigli / ˈsigli/ v. refine sikhid / ˈsixid/ nf. bud sil /sil/ nn. program silhi / ˈsilhi/ nf. peach silhu / ˈsilhu/ adj. dubious silkhi / ˈsilxi/ nm. reign silmit / ˈsilmit/ nm. trivia silmuş / ˈsilmuʃ/ v. assign siluz / ˈsiluz/ nm. rumor sim /sim/ nf. parent simi / ˈsimi/ v. scramble simu / ˈsimu/ adj. simultaneous simyu / ˈsimju/ adj. awkward simyun / ˈsimjun/ v. disclose sin /sin/ nf. standard sinus / ˈsinus/ nm. restoration sir /sir/ det. any siru / ˈsiru/ nm. spring (season) sis /sis/ nf. area siş /si ʃ/ nf. fan sisu / ˈsisu/ nf. mathematics sit /sit/ nm. school siti / ˈsiti/ nm. realm situ / ˈsitu/ nn. embryo siu / ˈsiu/ nn. hotel siv /siv/ adj. possible, plausible sivnum / ˈsivnum/ nm. apple sivrut / ˈsivrut/ nm. trauma sivu / ˈsivu/ adj. cold, crisp, cool (slightly cold) sivûr / ˈsivʊr/ nf. possibility siz /siz/ v. steal, snatch so /so/ nn. head soba / ˈsoba/ nn. partner, spouse, ally sobo / ˈsobo/ nm. olive sodan / ˈsodan/ nn. muscle sodeş / ˈsodeʃ/ nn. puddle sodômyun / ˈsodɔmjun/ v. poise sodôz / ˈsodɔz/ adj. ambiguous sodûfnû / ˈsodʊfnʊ/ nn. cuff sodzal / ˈsodzal/ nf. magic sodzol / ˈsodzol/ v. attach, stick sodzov / ˈsodzov/ nn. lock sofam / ˈsofam/ nm. ray sofel / ˈsofel/ v. host sofna / ˈsofna/ v. bake sofni / ˈsofni/ nf. survey sofşi / ˈsofʃi/ nm. apartment sofûge / ˈsofʊge/ nn. nose sofûlhe / ˈsofʊlhe/ v. explore soga / ˈsoga/ v. pamper soglûba / ˈsoglʊba/ v. batter soglûgla / ˈsoglʊgla/ nf. stump soglûlkos / ˈsoglʊlkos/ nn. shed sogô / ˈsogɔ/ nf. ship soha / ˈsoha/ nm. stage soho / ˈsoho/ nf. rib sohtad / ˈsohtad/ nm. reception (of office or hotel) sohtem / ˈsohtem/ v. chop, slash sohtil / ˈsohtil/ nn. economy sohtilal / ˈsohtilal/ adj. economic sohtol / ˈsohtol/ nf. whisker sohyel / ˈsohjel/ nn. forest sohyod / ˈsohjod/ v. reconcile sohyôlmer / ˈsohjɔlmer/ v. steer sohzev / ˈsohzev/ v. gasp sohzôfnû / ˈsohzɔfnʊ/ nm. ovation sohzûbû / ˈsohzʊbʊ/ v. leak sokaş / ˈsokaʃ/ v. forget sokhaş / ˈsoxaʃ/ v. guess, speculate, estimate sokhef / ˈsoxef/ v. inflict sokhit / ˈsoxit/ nm. caution sokhûnşe / ˈsoxʊnʃe/ v. assault sokov / ˈsokov/ v. alert solha / ˈsolha/ nm. coast solhe / ˈsolhe/ v. accumulate solhûu / ˈsolhʊu/ nf. summary solkhi / ˈsolxi/ adj. superb solmaf / ˈsolmaf/ v. trust solôd / ˈsolɔd/ v. hike solônôm / ˈsolɔnɔm/ v. react solpi / ˈsolpi/ nn. bill, check solpô / ˈsolpɔ/ v. marry solyeş / ˈsoljeʃ/ nf. locker solyiz / ˈsoljiz/ v. carve solyôt / ˈsoljɔt/ adj. aggressive solyûfed / ˈsoljʊfed/ v. hang out soma / ˈsoma/ v. fulfil somôlhu / ˈsomɔlhu/ nm. net somri / ˈsomri/ nn. universe somûlhu / ˈsomʊlhu/ v. blink somyi / ˈsomji/ nm. alumnus somyo / ˈsomjo/ nn. clown sonal / ˈsonal/ v. fry sonem / ˈsonem/ nn. goat sonşe / ˈsonʃe/ nm. scapegoat sonûhyas / ˈsonʊhjas/ nf. click soô / ˈsoɔ/ adj. fun sore / ˈsore/ v. whine sorô / ˈsorɔ/ nf. bar (pub) soryo / ˈsorjo/ nf. pillow soşe / ˈsoʃe/ adj. hard sosi / ˈsosi/ v. discuss, debate soşô / ˈsoʃɔ/ nm. speed, velocity sosra / ˈsosra/ v. bless sosrô / ˈsosrɔ/ v. adapt soto / ˈsoto/ nm. biology sovnod / ˈsovnod/ nm. irony sovnôhzaf / ˈsovnɔhzaf/ v. enable sovô / ˈsovɔ/ nn. dictator sovrat / ˈsovrat/ adj. awake sovrôre / ˈsovrɔre/ adj. subjective soye / ˈsoje/ nm. trunk (of tree) soyo / ˈsojo/ nm. schedule soyô / ˈsojɔ/ v. devise, come up with sozo / ˈsozo/ nn. kindergarten sozô / ˈsozɔ/ nm. square sozôma / ˈsozɔma/ v. harm Ş şli /ʃli/ adv. again şlid /ʃlid/ nf. nostril şlid /ʃlid/ part. past tense particle şlidiş / ˈʃlidiʃ/ v. lure 42 şlidzuş /ˈʃlidzuʃ/ prep. through şlidzut /ˈʃlidzut/ v. ignite şlif /ʃlif/ nm. phone şlifud /ˈʃlifud/ nf. tap, faucet, valve şliglu /ˈʃliglu/ nf. language, dialect şligu /ˈʃligu/ v. interfere, intervene şligut /ˈʃligut/ nf. intervention şlihi /ˈʃlihi/ nm. chain, bracelet şlihyus /ˈʃlihjus/ adj. soft şlihzuf /ˈʃlihzuf/ nn. geek şlihzuv /ˈʃlihzuv/ adj. direct şlikiv /ˈʃlikiv/ nm. scene şlikus /ˈʃlikus/ nf. memoir şlil /ʃlil/ v. agree şlilat /ˈʃlilat/ nf. agreement şlilid /ˈʃlilid/ v. execute şlilim /ˈʃlilim/ nm. midnight şlilkhi /ˈʃlilxi/ v. pluck şlilmuf /ˈʃlilmuf/ conj. unless şlilmun /ˈʃlilmun/ v. suck şlilpi /ˈʃlilpi/ v. convict şlilpit /ˈʃlilpit/ nn. conviction şlilut /ˈʃlilut/ nn. cement şlim /ʃlim/ adj. current şlimi /ˈʃlimi/ nm. trunk (large box) şlimu /ˈʃlimu/ nn. eagle şlimyiz /ˈʃlimjiz/ nm. money, coin, wealth şlimyuz /ˈʃlimjuz/ v. behave (well) şlin /ʃlin/ nm. capital şlinşu /ˈʃlinʃu/ nn. wolf şlinum /ˈʃlinum/ v. aim şlir /ʃlir/ nm. second şliru /ˈʃliru/ det. those şliş /ʃliʃ/ nm. back (of body), back (reverse side) şlişfuz /ˈʃliʃfuz/ adv. either şlisru /ˈʃlisru/ nm. thief şlisu /ˈʃlisu/ nm. star şlişu /ˈʃliʃu/ adj. intricate şlisur /ˈʃlisur/ nm. crust şliu /ˈʃliu/ v. heal, cure şlivnim /ˈʃlivnim/ nn. contract şlivnud /ˈʃlivnud/ v. gather şliyi /ˈʃliji/ nm. precedent şliyu /ˈʃliju/ nn. coffin şliz /ʃliz/ nf. bench şlo /ʃlo/ nm. day, light, world şlo /ʃlo/ pron. we, us (including you) şloa /ˈʃloa/ nf. soup şloba /ˈʃloba/ v. argue şlobat /ˈʃlobat/ nm. argument şlobô /ˈʃlobɔ/ v. retire şlobûdzil /ˈʃlobʊdzil/ nf. footprint şlod /ʃlod/ adj. local şlode /ˈʃlode/ v. rise şlodôş /ˈʃlodɔʃ/ nm. towel şlodoz /ˈʃlodoz/ v. compel şlodûsrû /ˈʃlodʊsrʊ/ nm. nurse şlodzis /ˈʃlodzis/ nf. herb şlodzôm /ˈʃlodzɔm/ nf. footpath, sidewalk şlodzot /ˈʃlodzot/ nf. shape şlodzûlpô /ˈʃlodzʊlpɔ/ nm. remnant şlodzûtô /ˈʃlo dzʊtɔ/ nn. garbage, trash, rubbish şlof /ʃlof/ prep. inside şlofne /ˈʃlofne/ nm. property şlofnô /ˈʃlofnɔ/ v. flee, retreat şlofnûdov /ˈʃlofnʊdov/ nf. novel şlofşe /ˈʃlofʃe/ nm. fiber şlofşi /ˈʃlofʃi/ nn. media şloga /ˈʃloga/ nm. disposition şlogla /ˈʃlogla/ nn. greed şlogli /ˈʃlogli/ nm. brush, brush (for hair), broom şloglô /ˈʃloglɔ/ nm. grid şlogo /ˈʃlogo/ adj. flexible şlogôhyul /ˈʃlogɔhjul/ v. push, shove şlogôhyulat /ˈʃlogɔˌ hjulat/ nm. pressure şloha /ˈʃloha/ v. feed şloho /ˈʃloho/ nn. suburb şlohô /ˈʃlohɔ/ nm. echo şlohtûzô /ˈʃlohtʊzɔ/ v. slide, skid şlohûzo /ˈʃlohʊzo/ adj. grave şlohyes /ˈʃlohjes/ nm. idle şlohzaf /ˈʃlohzaf/ nn. chest şlohzôv /ˈʃlohzɔv/ nm. earthquake şlohzûfnû /ˈʃlohzʊfnʊ/ nf. hierarchy şlohzûmû /ˈʃlohzʊmʊ/ adj. grim şlokhad /ˈʃloxad/ v. strive şlokhûkôs /ˈʃloxʊkɔs/ nf. loaf şlokûfne /ˈʃlokʊfne/ nf. incident şlol /ʃlol/ v. help, assist şlolho /ˈʃlolho/ v. beg şlolhûlhi /ˈʃlolhʊlhi/ v. peek şlolkad /ˈʃlolkad/ nm. cane şlolkhô /ˈʃlolxɔ/ nm. answer şlolkod /ˈʃlolkod/ nf. ministry şlolkôt /ˈʃlolkɔt/ nm. descendant şlolon /ˈʃlolon/ nf. pattern şlolor /ˈʃlolor/ v. gamble şlolpa /ˈʃlolpa/ nf. trophy şlolpe /ˈʃlolpe/ adj. whimsical şlolyôlkhe /ˈʃloljɔlxe/ nn. plague şlolyôve /ˈʃloljɔve/ prep. per şlom vûşô /ʃlom ˈ vʊʃɔ/ nm. vest şlom /ʃlom/ nm. body şloma /ˈʃloma/ v. settle (land) şlomat /ˈʃlomat/ nn. settlement şlomi /ˈʃlomi/ nf. armor şlomo /ˈʃlomo/ adj. deep şlomôdu /ˈʃlomɔdu/ nn. cigar şlomro /ˈʃlomro/ nf. pastry şlomya /ˈʃlomja/ nm. channel (of water) şlomyi /ˈʃlomji/ nn. dash şlon /ʃlon/ v. decide, judge şlonat /ˈʃlonat/ nf. decision şloneş /ˈʃloneʃ/ v. humiliate şlonev /ˈʃlonev/ v. thank şlonôd /ˈʃlonɔd/ adv. anymore şlonşe /ˈʃlonʃe/ v. frown şlonşo /ˈʃlonʃo/ adj. sophisticated şlonûfşô /ˈʃlonʊfʃɔ/ v. wade şloô /ˈʃloɔ/ adj. awful, terrible şlorya /ˈʃlorja/ nm. architecture şlos /ʃlos/ nf. alcohol şloş /ʃloʃ/ adj. manual şlosa /ˈʃlosa/ nf. list şlosas /ˈʃlosas/ det. whatever şlosat /ˈʃlosat/ v. tear, rip şloşô /ˈʃloʃɔ/ nn. default şloşôkhuş /ˈʃloʃɔxuʃ/ nn. cart şlosro /ˈʃlosro/ v. pollute şlosrûnot /ˈʃlosrʊnot/ v. wind şlosûdzuş /ˈʃlosʊdzuʃ/ nm. ethic şlosûmyûn /ˈʃlosʊmjʊn/ v. assassinate şlot /ʃlot/ adj. powerful şlotûr /ˈʃlotʊr/ nn. power şlov /ʃlov/ prep. across şlovûlkhu /ˈʃlovʊlxu/ num. seven şloya /ˈʃloja/ v. curb şloye /ˈʃloje/ nn. mistress şloyi /ˈʃloji/ v. depend, rely on şloyo /ˈʃlojo/ adv. anyway şloyôd /ˈʃlojɔd/ adv. how şloyûbo /ˈʃlojʊbo/ nf. sponge şloyûfol /ˈʃlojʊfol/ v. clip, snip, trim şloyûşfad /ˈʃlojʊʃfad/ v. melt şloz /ʃloz/ v. defecate şlozo /ˈʃlozo/ v. visit şu /ʃu/ conj. when şubu /ˈʃubu/ nm. rag şud /ʃud/ v. cost şûdûgû /ˈʃʊdʊgʊ/ nm. hull şûdûmû /ˈʃʊdʊmʊ/ nm. divorce şûdzôsûs /ˈʃʊdzɔsʊs/ nm. rodent şuf /ʃuf/ v. hear şufat /ˈʃufat/ nn. hearing 43 şufşu / ˈʃufʃu/ adj. orthodox şûglôha / ˈʃʊglɔha/ nm. kidney şûhtôglô / ˈʃʊhtɔglɔ/ adj. perfect şûhtôglôr / ˈʃʊhtɔglɔr/ nf. perfection şûhtôm / ˈʃʊhtɔm/ nm. citadel şûhtûzô / ˈʃʊhtʊzɔ/ nn. buttocks şuhzuf / ˈʃuhzuf/ adj. sleek şûkhôt / ˈʃʊxɔt/ nm. luxury şukhuş / ˈʃuxuʃ/ v. detain şûkûkeş / ˈʃʊkʊkeʃ/ nm. weight şûkûnen / ˈʃʊkʊnen/ adj. opposite şukuş / ˈʃukuʃ/ nn. liquor şul duvnad /ʃul ˈ duvnad/ nf. vocabulary şul /ʃul/ nn. word, term, phrase şûlhûu / ˈʃʊlhʊu/ nm. origin şûlmôş / ˈʃʊlmɔʃ/ nm. flood şûlmûmû / ˈʃʊlmʊmʊ/ nf. dune şulur / ˈʃulur/ nf. axle şûlûsûz / ˈʃʊlʊsʊz/ nf. sample şûlyûye / ˈʃʊljʊje/ v. post şum /ʃum/ nf. ear şûmômi / ˈʃʊmɔmi/ nm. pillar şûmrûdzit / ˈʃʊmrʊdzit/ nf. warrant şûmrûnif / ˈʃʊmrʊnif/ v. collapse şûmûvruv / ˈʃʊmʊvruv/ nm. bottle şûmyûlûl / ˈʃʊmjʊlʊl/ v. astonish şun /ʃun/ adj. fine şûnşônif / ˈʃʊnʃɔnif/ v. muffle şunus / ˈʃunus/ nm. kitchen şur /ʃur/ conj. and şûryô / ˈʃʊrjɔ/ adj. sincere şus /ʃus/ adv. out şuş /ʃuʃ/ nn. fat şûsrô / ˈʃʊsrɔ/ nf. drama, story, fable şut /ʃut/ adv. off şûtûlkho / ˈʃʊtʊlxo/ adj. polar şuv /ʃuv/ nf. person şuval / ˈʃuval/ adj. personal şuvu / ˈʃuvu/ nf. champion şuz /ʃuz/ adv. already şuzu / ˈʃuzu/ v. clap şûzûlha / ˈʃʊzʊlha/ nm. stalemate T tekh /tex/ det. took what action ti /ti/ nm. morning tid /tid/ nf. nut, seed tif /tif/ v. hang til /til/ adv. usually tim /tim/ nn. camera tir /tir/ nn. integrity tis /tis/ v. sponsor tiş /ti ʃ/ v. reinforce tiv /tiv/ v. stick, cling tivel / ˈtivel/ adj. sticky tiz /tiz/ nm. tub, basin, bath, pool tu /tu/ prep. against tû /t ʊ/ adv. most tûa / ˈtʊa/ nn. male tuba / ˈtuba/ nm. dairy tubi / ˈtubi/ adj. tense tubo / ˈtubo/ nf. sausage tûbo / ˈtʊbo/ nf. fashion tûbôsro / ˈtʊbɔsro/ v. drape tûbu / ˈtʊbu/ v. emit, discharge tubûfom / ˈtubʊfom/ nf. peril tubûkot / ˈtubʊkot/ nm. mustard tud /tud/ nf. desk tûda / ˈtʊda/ nm. vulture tûdan / ˈtʊdan/ nn. passenger tudat / ˈtudat/ v. treat tudatat / ˈtudatat/ nm. treatment tudi / ˈtudi/ v. bolster tûdir / ˈtʊdir/ nm. remedy tudof / ˈtudof/ v. inhibit tûdoş / ˈtʊdoʃ/ nf. tide tudu / ˈtudu/ v. wave (salutation) tûduf / ˈtʊduf/ nm. chimp tûduş / ˈtʊduʃ/ nm. highlight tudzav / ˈtudzav/ nn. bat (club) tudzeş / ˈtudzeʃ/ adj. efficient, effective tûdzeş / ˈtʊdzeʃ/ nm. curator tûdzim / ˈtʊdzim/ nn. harbor tûdziv / ˈtʊdziv/ adj. civilized tudzôfnû / ˈtudzɔfnʊ/ adj. shy tudzôkûl / ˈtudzɔkʊl/ v. confess tûdzôt / ˈtʊdzɔt/ nm. vampire tudzul / ˈtudzul/ nm. seaweed tudzum / ˈtudzum/ nm. institute tûdzûmyô / ˈtʊdzʊmjɔ/ nn. meat, flesh tûdzuş / ˈtʊdzuʃ/ adj. hostile tuf /tuf/ adj. long tûf /t ʊf/ nf. community tûfem / ˈtʊfem/ nf. candy tûfis / ˈtʊfis/ v. solve, figure out, calculate tufna / ˈtufna/ v. escape, dodge tufne / ˈtufne/ nm. fork tûfnô / ˈtʊfnɔ/ nm. jungle tûfnu / ˈtʊfnu/ v. render tufol / ˈtufol/ nm. overdose tufôya dulyaz / ˈtufɔja ˈ duljaz/ nn. mouse tufôya nod / ˈtufɔja nod/ nm. lower class tufôya / ˈtufɔja/ adj. small, little, short, low tûfşe / ˈtʊfʃe/ v. dig, bore tûfşeel / ˈtʊfʃeel/ adj. boring tufşi / ˈtufʃi/ nm. beverage tufşo / ˈtufʃo/ nm. clerk tûfşo / ˈtʊfʃo/ v. quit, give up tûfşu / ˈtʊfʃu/ v. reflect tûfşûro / ˈtʊfʃʊro/ v. obsess tûfşûsot / ˈtʊfʃʊsot/ nm. turbine tûfşut / ˈtʊfʃut/ nm. reflection tufûr / ˈtufʊr/ nf. length tûga / ˈtʊga/ nf. lord tugetûgo / ˈtuge ˈ tʊgo/ nm. fox tuge / ˈtuge/ adj. yellow, green, blue, orange, brown tugi / ˈtugi/ nm. dinner tûgi / ˈtʊgi/ nm. claw tûgla huv / ˈtʊgla huv/ nm. leisure tûgla / ˈtʊgla/ adj. free tûgle / ˈtʊgle/ nf. disease tuglo / ˈtuglo/ v. confine tuglô / ˈtuglɔ/ v. drift tûglo / ˈtʊglo/ adj. curious tûgo / ˈtʊgo/ nf. dog tuha / ˈtuha/ v. erupt tûha / ˈtʊha/ v. liberate tûhe / ˈtʊhe/ nm. copyright tuhi / ˈtuhi/ nf. acid tûhi / ˈtʊhi/ adj. similar tuho / ˈtuho/ nn. fiction tuhtal / ˈtuhtal/ v. install, establish tuhtat / ˈtuhtat/ adj. radical tuhtem / ˈtuhtem/ nm. process, procedure tuhtim / ˈtuhtim/ nf. key tûhtôhtôs / ˈtʊhtɔhtɔs/ nm. tear tûhtos / ˈtʊhtos/ nf. public tuhu / ˈtuhu/ nm. essence tûhûlpo / ˈtʊhʊlpo/ v. name, dub tuhyad / ˈtuhjad/ det. such tuhzef / ˈtuhzef/ v. appreciate tûhzez / ˈtʊhzez/ nm. temperature tûhzur / ˈtʊhzur/ v. scatter tûkas / ˈtʊkas/ v. prick tukhad / ˈtuxad/ adj. sole, lone tukhaş / ˈtuxaʃ/ v. relax tukhaz / ˈtuxaz/ nf. symbol, flag, banner tûkhen / ˈtʊxen/ nf. tattoo tûkher / ˈtʊxer/ v. edit tukhid / ˈtuxid/ nm. match (game), contest tûkhid / ˈtʊxid/ nf. sister tukhiş / ˈtuxiʃ/ adj. sarcastic 44 tûkhiv / ˈtʊxiv/ v. extract tûkid / ˈtʊkid/ nn. archipelago tûkol / ˈtʊkol/ v. cough tûkôl / ˈtʊkɔl/ nn. fuse tûkos / ˈtʊkos/ nf. elf tûkov / ˈtʊkov/ adj. rich tukûa / ˈtukʊa/ nm. compass tukûlyav / ˈtukʊljav/ adj. pending tûkum / ˈtʊkum/ adj. savvy tukûre / ˈtukʊre/ nm. debt tukut / ˈtukut/ nf. site tul /tul/ nf. limit, border, boundary tûl /t ʊl/ nm. success tulem / ˈtulem/ nn. priest tules / ˈtules/ nm. afternoon tûlez / ˈtʊlez/ nf. chalk tûlha / ˈtʊlha/ v. beat (strike) tûlhe / ˈtʊlhe/ nn. earring tulho / ˈtulho/ nf. tribute tûlhô / ˈtʊlhɔ/ v. slump tulhu / ˈtulhu/ nf. grandmother tûlhu / ˈtʊlhu/ adj. cool (fashionable) tûlhûu / ˈtʊlhʊu/ adj. spontaneous tulkha / ˈtulxa/ nm. breakthrough tulkhi / ˈtulxi/ adv. tomorrow tulkhô / ˈtulxɔ/ adv. behind tûlkhô / ˈtʊlxɔ/ nm. jersey, sweater tûlkhôyu / ˈtʊlxɔju/ v. polish, shine tûlkhôyuel / ˈtʊlxɔˌ juel/ adj. shiny tûlkid / ˈtʊlkid/ v. designate tûlkônômat / ˈtʊlkɔˌ nɔmat/ nm. explanation tûlkônômat / ˈtʊlkɔˌ nɔmat/ nn. description tulkôs / ˈtulkɔs/ nm. axis tulkul / ˈtulkul/ v. fumble tûlmaş / ˈtʊlmaʃ/ adj. wild tulmin / ˈtulmin/ v. notify, inform tulmuf / ˈtulmuf/ adj. consistent tûlmur / ˈtʊlmur/ nm. sequence, order tûlôl / ˈtʊlɔl/ adv. eventually tulpo / ˈtulpo/ v. reach tûlpô / ˈtʊlpɔ/ v. obey tulpûu / ˈtulpʊu/ nm. carrier tûlûbû / ˈtʊlʊbʊ/ v. afford tûlus / ˈtʊlus/ nf. chore tulyan / ˈtuljan/ v. recite tûlyuş / ˈtʊljuʃ/ nm. hell tulyûşfer / ˈtuljʊʃfer/ adj. favorite tûlyuv / ˈtʊljuv/ adj. lush tum /tum/ nf. issue, concern tûm /t ʊm/ prep. in, within tuma / ˈtuma/ nf. horse tume / ˈtume/ nf. prestige tumi / ˈtumi/ nf. branch tumôkhuv / ˈtumɔxuv/ nf. apology tûmôu / ˈtʊmɔu/ nm. oyster tûmra / ˈtʊmra/ nn. bruise tumri / ˈtumri/ v. hiss tûmro / ˈtʊmro/ nm. snack tumru / ˈtumru/ nn. cell tûmrûhi / ˈtʊmrʊhi/ nm. politics tûmrûhil / ˈtʊmrʊhil/ adj. political tumrûlhi / ˈtumrʊlhi/ v. wrestle tumrûyi / ˈtumrʊji/ nn. fetus tumu / ˈtumu/ nf. aunt tumûgu / ˈtumʊgu/ nm. semester tumûvnim / ˈtumʊvnim/ v. accustom tumye / ˈtumje/ nm. hole, ditch, tunnel, gap tûmyof / ˈtʊmjof/ adv. very, really tumyu / ˈtumju/ nm. velocity tûmyun / ˈtʊmjun/ v. extinguish, put out tun /tun/ nm. change tun /tun/ v. change, modify tûn /t ʊn/ nf. animal, creature, organism tûnad / ˈtʊnad/ nn. crown tunas / ˈtunas/ nf. owner tuneş / ˈtuneʃ/ v. slip tunim / ˈtunim/ nf. deputy tûniz / ˈtʊniz/ v. access tûnoz / ˈtʊnoz/ v. bloom, flourish tûnşa / ˈtʊnʃa/ nf. song, music tûnşi / ˈtʊnʃi/ nn. cloak tunşô / ˈtunʃɔ/ nm. potion, elixir tunşôfşi / ˈtunʃɔfʃi/ nf. shrine tûnşu / ˈtʊnʃu/ v. secure tûnuf / ˈtʊnuf/ adj. keen, eager tûnul / ˈtʊnul/ v. chant tûnûnef / ˈtʊnʊnef/ nm. orphan tunûye / ˈtunʊje/ adj. reverse tunûyet / ˈtunʊjet/ nf. reversal tunuz / ˈtunuz/ nf. heirloom tuo / ˈtuo/ prep. before tûo / ˈtʊo/ v. avoid tûô / ˈtʊɔ/ adv. about tur /tur/ nn. reason, logic tûr /t ʊr/ nm. half tûra / ˈtʊra/ adj. normal turo / ˈturo/ nm. resort tûrô / ˈtʊrɔ/ v. grow up turu / ˈturu/ adj. pungent tûru / ˈtʊru/ nn. symptom tûrya / ˈtʊrja/ nf. doctor turyi / ˈturji/ nm. cynic tûryi / ˈtʊrji/ adj. busy turyo / ˈturjo/ nm. alarm tûryo / ˈtʊrjo/ nf. bunker turyu / ˈturju/ nn. beam tus /tus/ v. finish, complete tuş /tu ʃ/ adj. special tuş /tu ʃ/ det. our (excluding you) tûs /t ʊs/ v. pick tûş /t ʊʃ/ v. shoot tusat / ˈtusat/ nm. completion tûseş / ˈtʊseʃ/ nm. rose tûşfof / ˈtʊʃfof/ v. illustrate tûşfud / ˈtʊʃfud/ nm. linen tuşfûtô / ˈtuʃfʊtɔ/ v. stoke tuşfûvnô / ˈtuʃfʊvnɔ/ nm. fracture tûşi / ˈtʊʃi/ nf. teenager, adolescent tusiş / ˈtusiʃ/ nf. lace tuso / ˈtuso/ v. cheer tusôgla / ˈtusɔgla/ adj. final tûsôn / ˈtʊsɔn/ nn. shooting star tusôş / ˈtusɔʃ/ v. comprehend tusrô / ˈtusrɔ/ adj. best tûsrôhtam / ˈtʊsrɔhtam/ nm. patio tusrûza / ˈtusrʊza/ v. marinate tûsu / ˈtʊsu/ nf. soul tûşu / ˈtʊʃu/ adj. short, low tûsûdzôt / ˈtʊsʊdzɔt/ nf. offspring tûşûfşu / ˈtʊʃʊfʃu/ v. bust tûsûhu / ˈtʊsʊhu/ v. assume, presume tûsul / ˈtʊsul/ v. contain, include tusur / ˈtusur/ nf. nerve tut /tut/ v. should tût /t ʊt/ v. enforce tute / ˈtute/ nm. wildlife tuti / ˈtuti/ v. protest tutô / ˈtutɔ/ nm. riot tûto / ˈtʊto/ nf. puzzle tutu / ˈtutu/ conj. although tûtu / ˈtʊtu/ nf. train tûtut / ˈtʊtut/ nm. training tûu vôs / ˈtʊu vɔs/ nm. sugar tûu / ˈtʊu/ adj. sweet, delicious tuv /tuv/ v. occur tûv /t ʊv/ nm. beer tuva / ˈtuva/ nm. ledge tûva / ˈtʊva/ nn. ambition tûve / ˈtʊve/ adj. strict tuvi / ˈtuvi/ v. connect tuvna / ˈtuvna/ v. activate tûvned / ˈtʊvned/ nf. destination tuvnim / ˈtuvnim/ nf. widow tûvno / ˈtʊvno/ v. envision 45 tûvnô / ˈtʊvnɔ/ v. regret tuvnu / ˈtuvnu/ adj. common tuvnur / ˈtuvnur/ nm. society tûvo / ˈtʊvo/ v. interrogate tûvral / ˈtʊvral/ nm. lever tuvraş / ˈtuvraʃ/ nf. clinic tuvret / ˈtuvret/ nm. magnet tuvriş / ˈtuvriʃ/ nf. rubber tuvrôş / ˈtuvrɔʃ/ nm. lecture tuvrôşe / ˈtuvrɔʃe/ nm. match (for fire) tuvrûlkhe / ˈtuvrʊlxe/ v. wrap tûvruş / ˈtʊvruʃ/ adj. unique tuvu / ˈtuvu/ nf. fire tûvu / ˈtʊvu/ v. smell (sense with nose) tuvûmru / ˈtuvʊmru/ adj. wacky tûye / ˈtʊje/ nn. carriage, cart tûyi / ˈtʊji/ nm. ability tûyid / ˈtʊjid/ adj. white, clear tuyô / ˈtujɔ/ v. deal tûyô / ˈtʊjɔ/ nf. topic, theme tûyod / ˈtʊj od/ nf. switch tuyu / ˈtuju/ nn. wizard tuz /tuz/ prep. out tûz /t ʊz/ v. fade tuze / ˈtuze/ nn. joy tuzo / ˈtuzo/ nm. species tuzûdzal / ˈtuzʊdzal/ v. dispose U ûdzûdir / ˈʊdzʊdir/ adv. exactly ûdzûdôder / ˈʊdzʊˌ dɔder/ adv. suddenly ûdzûgas / ˈʊdzʊgas/ adv. recently ûdzûkhnôma / ˈʊdzʊxˌ nɔma/ adv. quickly ûdzûkûs / ˈʊdzʊkʊs/ adv. previously ûdzûluş / ˈʊdzʊluʃ/ adv. certainly ûdzûtuş / ˈʊdzʊtuʃ/ adv. especially ûdzûtusôgla / ˈʊdzʊˌ tusɔgla/ adv. finally ûdzûtûyid / ˈʊdzʊˌ tʊjid/ adv. clearly ûdzûyûde / ˈʊdzʊˌ jʊde/ adv. probably ûdzûzaze / ˈʊdzʊˌ zaze/ adv. simply unşibat / ˈunʃibat/ nf. chef, cook unşiboş / ˈunʃiboʃ/ nn. vendor unşibov / ˈunʃibov/ nm. player unşidulpô / ˈunʃiˌ dulpɔ/ nm. artist unşiduşfaz / ˈunʃiˌ duʃfaz/ nf. hunter unşiduşo / ˈunʃiˌ duʃo/ nn. warrior unşifûvnum / ˈunʃiˌ fʊvnum/ nm. scientist unşigamoô / ˈunʃiˌ gamoɔ/ nf. slave unşigomya / ˈunʃiˌ gomja/ nn. guardian unşihud / ˈunʃihud/ nm. foreigner unşihul / ˈunʃihul/ nm. criminal unşihûô / ˈunʃiˌ hʊɔ/ nf. painter unşikahi / ˈunʃiˌ kahi/ nm. trader unşikaho / ˈunʃiˌ kaho/ nm. psychologist unşikan / ˈunʃikan/ nf. ruler unşikhalkha / ˈunʃiˌ xalxa/ nn. tourist unşikhav / ˈunʃixav/ nm. farmer unşikhmet / ˈunʃixmet/ nn. poet unşikhmônşi / ˈunʃixˌ mɔnʃi/ nf. florist unşikhnô / ˈunʃixnɔ/ nm. employer unşikôn / ˈunʃikɔn/ nf. worker, employee unşikûm / ˈunʃikʊm/ nn. driver unşiludzel / ˈunʃiˌ ludzel/ nf. lover unşiluhzov / ˈunʃiˌ luhzov/ nn. gardener unşimogo / ˈunʃiˌ mogo/ nf. dancer unşimum / ˈunʃimum/ nf. teacher unşinalmu / ˈunʃiˌ nalmu/ nf. prisoner unşinalyuz / ˈunʃiˌ naljuz/ nm. sailor unşinamyef / ˈunʃiˌ namjef/ nn. lawyer unşişlon / ˈunʃiʃlon/ nf. judge unşişlosûmyûn / ˈunʃiˌ ʃlosʊmjʊn/ nm.assassin unşişlozo / ˈunʃiˌ ʃlozo/ nn. visitor unşisodzov / ˈunʃiˌ sodzov/ nm. locksmith unşitûkher / ˈunʃiˌ tʊxer/ nf. editor unşitûmrûhi / ˈunʃiˌ tʊmrʊhi/ nf. politician unşitûnşa / ˈunʃiˌ tʊnʃa/ nf. singer unşituyô / ˈunʃiˌ tujɔ/ nm. dealer unşivûkit / ˈunʃiˌ vʊkit/ nn. runner unşivûşu / ˈunʃiˌ vʊʃu/ nm. killer unşiyût / ˈunʃijʊt/ nm. author, writer unşizoş / ˈunʃizoʃ/ nf. manager V vô /v ɔ/ prep. from vôd /v ɔd/ adj. red, purple vôf /v ɔf/ v. hop vôm /v ɔm/ v. promote vôn /v ɔn/ nn. anthropology vôr /v ɔr/ v. could vôs /v ɔs/ nm. salt vôş /v ɔʃ/ v. miss (long for) vôt /v ɔt/ nm. beard vôv /v ɔv/ nn. unit vôz /v ɔz/ adj. depressed vû /v ʊ/ prep. for (the purpose of) vûa / ˈvʊa/ conj. though vûba / ˈvʊba/ nf. spoon vûbô / ˈvʊbɔ/ nn. shower vûbu / ˈvʊbu/ nm. napkin vûbûmi / ˈvʊbʊmi/ nm. planet vûbûo / ˈvʊbʊo/ nf. mission vûd /v ʊd/ nm. river, stream vûden / ˈvʊden/ adj. gay, homosexual vûdev / ˈvʊdev/ v. study vûdevat / ˈvʊdevat/ nm. study vûdi / ˈvʊdi/ nm. pig, pork vûdo / ˈvʊdo/ adj. dumb (speechless) vûduf / ˈvʊduf/ nm. material vûdun / ˈvʊdun/ nm. noon, midday vûdzem / ˈvʊdzem/ adj. humble vûdzom / ˈvʊdzom/ v. underscore vûdzûdzûl / ˈvʊdzʊdzʊl/ adj. amazing vûdzûşô / ˈvʊdzʊʃɔ/ v. kidnap vûf /v ʊf/ v. follow vûfa / ˈvʊfa/ v. flash vûfal / ˈvʊfal/ nm. gene vûfis / ˈvʊfis/ v. fix, mend, repair, heal vûfna / ˈvʊfna/ v. pose vûfne / ˈvʊfne/ v. stop, arrest, halt vûfni / ˈvʊfni/ nm. novice vûfod / ˈvʊfod/ v. turn [sth.] on vûfôte / ˈvʊfɔte/ nm. idol vûfşe / ˈvʊfʃe/ adj. audio vûfşu / ˈvʊfʃu/ v. spend vûge / ˈvʊge/ nf. restaurant, diner vûglo / ˈvʊglo/ adj. severe vûglô / ˈvʊglɔ/ adj. outrageous vûha / ˈvʊha/ adv. neither vûhi / ˈvʊhi/ adj. prompt vûho / ˈvʊho/ v. hurl vûhô / ˈvʊhɔ/ v. split, separate vûhtam / ˈvʊhtam/ adj. swift vûhtit / ˈvʊhtit/ nf. fountain vûhtut / ˈvʊhtut/ nn. remains vûhûglo / ˈvʊhʊglo/ nf. closure vûhyus / ˈvʊhjus/ v. place, deposit vûhzan / ˈvʊhzan/ nm. emphasis vûhzav / ˈvʊhzav/ nm. outbreak vûhzoz / ˈvʊhzoz/ nf. spur vûkit / ˈvʊkit/ v. run vûkôa / ˈvʊkɔa/ adj. black vûkôd / ˈvʊkɔd/ nm. oath vûkud / ˈvʊkud/ nm. outline vûkum / ˈvʊkum/ v. hurt, injure vûkûme / ˈvʊkʊme/ nf. landlord vûkûza / ˈvʊkʊza/ nm. beak vûkûze / ˈvʊkʊze/ adv. instead vûl /v ʊl/ adj. safe vûlan / ˈvʊlan/ nn. skeptic vûlhe / ˈvʊlhe/ nm. wire 46 vûlhi / ˈvʊl hi/ nn. fly vûlho / ˈvʊlho/ nm. perimeter vûlkad / ˈvʊlkad/ v. relieve vûlkhe / ˈvʊlxe/ adj. past vûlkhi / ˈvʊlxi/ v. act vûlkhit / ˈvʊlxit/ nm. action vûlkho / ˈvʊlxo/ v. simmer vûlkos / ˈvʊlkos/ nm. granite vûlpi / ˈvʊlpi/ adj. worth vûlpu / ˈvʊlpu/ v. detect vûlpûsul / ˈvʊlpʊsul/ nm. prism vûlun / ˈvʊlun/ nn. despair vûlûô / ˈvʊlʊɔ/ v. absorb vûlyef / ˈvʊljef/ v. struggle vûlyiv / ˈvʊljiv/ nm. factory, mill vûlyiz / ˈvʊljiz/ nm. rope, string, cord vûm /v ʊm/ prep. during vûme / ˈvʊme/ nm. company vûmi / ˈvʊmi/ v. crawl vûmo / ˈvʊmo/ v. hover vûmru / ˈvʊmru/ adj. difficult vûmu / ˈvʊmu/ v. hire, rent vûmyon / ˈvʊmjon/ nn. catalog vûmyu / ˈvʊmju/ v. replace vûn /v ʊn/ v. offend vûnan / ˈvʊnan/ nf. structure vûnel / ˈvʊnel/ adj. offensive vûnel / ˈvʊnel/ v. aspire vûnim / ˈvʊnim/ nm. traffic vûniş / ˈvʊniʃ/ adj. confident vûnişûr / ˈvʊniʃʊr/ nm. confidence vûnôd / ˈvʊnɔd/ adj. sad vûnôdûr / ˈvʊnɔdʊr/ nm. sadness, sorrow vûnôl / ˈvʊnɔl/ nm. shoulder vûnôz / ˈvʊnɔz/ nm. trench vûnşo / ˈvʊnʃo/ nm. base, ground vûnşu / ˈvʊnʃu/ nf. woman, wife, female vûnul / ˈvʊnul/ adv. etcetera vûo / ˈvʊo/ nf. mud vûô / ˈvʊɔ/ v. flirt vûr /v ʊr/ nm. price, fee, cost, fare, value vûru / ˈvʊru/ nn. corner vûs /v ʊs/ nf. luck vûş /v ʊʃ/ nn. flavor vûsas / ˈvʊsas/ nm. cartoon vûşe hûkhoz / ˈvʊʃe ˈ hʊxoz/ nm. louse vûşe / ˈ v ʊʃe/ nm. skin vûsen / ˈvʊsen/ v. circulate vûsenat / ˈvʊsenat/ nn. circulation vûser / ˈvʊser/ v. lead vûses / ˈvʊses/ nf. batch vûsif / ˈvʊsif/ nm. crumb vûşô / ˈvʊʃɔ/ nf. shirt vûsol / ˈvʊsol/ nm. shrimp vûsra / ˈvʊsra/ v. damage vûsre / ˈvʊsre/ v. pause vûşu / ˈvʊʃu/ v. kill vûsul / ˈvʊsul/ nm. appearance vûsul / ˈvʊsul/ nm. form vûsun / ˈvʊsun/ nm. bureaucrat vût /v ʊt/ nf. patient vûta / ˈvʊta/ nm. advice vûte / ˈvʊte/ nm. acronym vûtônir / ˈvʊtɔnir/ nm. throne vûu / ˈvʊu/ nf. credit (of money) vûv /v ʊv/ v. draw vûvne / ˈvʊvne/ v. infect vûvnet / ˈvʊvnet/ nm. infection vûvret / ˈvʊvret/ nf. angst vûvriş / ˈvʊvriʃ/ v. dominate vûvriv / ˈvʊvriv/ v. avert vûvrôder / ˈvʊvrɔder/ nm. patent vûvûlhu / ˈvʊvʊlhu/ nn. optimism vûyad / ˈvʊjad/ v. inhabit vûyo / ˈvʊjo/ adj. regular vûyûhtam / ˈvʊjʊhtam/ v. command, supervise vûyûma / ˈvʊjʊma/ v. slap vûyûmyar / ˈvʊjʊmjar/ nn. load vûz /v ʊz/ nf. series vûze / ˈvʊze/ adj. cute vûzo / ˈvʊzo/ adj. compatible vûzô / ˈvʊzɔ/ v. wink vûzôlkod / ˈvʊzɔlkod/ nf. massacre vûzu / ˈvʊzu/ v. cover up Y yô /j ɔ/ prep. with (using) yô /j ɔ/ pron. she, her, it yôd /j ɔd/ nf. city, downtown, metropolis yôf /j ɔf/ v. wiggle yôl /j ɔl/ prep. after yôm /j ɔm/ nm. activity yôn /j ɔn/ nn. rail yôr /j ɔr/ adj. last (final), former yôs /j ɔs/ nf. slope, slant, bank(river) yôt /j ɔt/ nm. father yôv /j ɔv/ adj. important yôz /j ɔz/ v. turn, rotate yu /ju/ nm. need yu /ju/ v. need, require yû /j ʊ/ adv. only, merely yû /j ʊ/ pron. you yûa / ˈjʊa/ v. explode, blow up yûba / ˈjʊba/ v. wait yûbe / ˈjʊbe/ v. ruin yûbu / ˈjʊbu/ v. halt, ban, prohibit yûbûlhi / ˈjʊbʊlhi/ nm. merchandise yûde / ˈjʊde/ adj. probable yûf /j ʊf/ v. approach yûfad / ˈjʊfad/ nn. tribunal yûfat / ˈjʊfat/ nn. storm, turmoil yûfne / ˈjʊfne/ nm. disaster, catastrophe yûfnô / ˈjʊfnɔ/ nf. metro yûfnôdziş / ˈjʊfnɔdziʃ/ v. pour yûfod / ˈjʊfod/ nm. lyrics yûgli tûrya / ˈjʊgli ˈ tʊrja/ nf. dentist yûgli / ˈjʊgli/ nf. tooth yûglô / ˈjʊglɔ/ adv. barely, hardly yûglu / ˈjʊglu/ nf. wife yûgo / ˈjʊgo/ v. abandon, desert, betray yûgu / ˈjʊgu/ v. recommend, advise yûhe / ˈjʊhe/ adj. urgent, instant yûhtam / ˈjʊhtam/ nf. leg, lap yûhtis / ˈjʊhtis/ v. carry out, implement yûhtôlûd / ˈjʊhtɔlʊd/ v. pinch yûhûfom / ˈjʊhʊfom/ nm. plateau yûhyam / ˈjʊhjam/ adj. acute yûhzef / ˈjʊhzef/ v. instil yûhzir / ˈjʊhzir/ v. waste yûhzuş / ˈjʊhzuʃ/ adj. overseas yûhzûsrû / ˈjʊhzʊsrʊ/ v. bend yûkas / ˈjʊkas/ v. worry yûkaş / ˈjʊkaʃ/ nm. beast yûkes / ˈjʊkes/ nm. balcony yûkhaz / ˈjʊxaz/ v. oblige yûkiş / ˈjʊkiʃ/ nf. prostitute yûkôşfed / ˈjʊkɔʃfed/ nf. statistic yûkul / ˈjʊkul/ nf. rationale yûkuv / ˈjʊkuv/ v. carry yûl /j ʊl/ pron. nothing yûlal / ˈjʊlal/ v. bury yûlar / ˈjʊlar/ nm. canal yûlhe / ˈjʊlhe/ nm. rhythm yûlho / ˈjʊlho/ nn. village yûlket / ˈjʊlket/ v. layer yûlkho / ˈjʊlxo/ nm. radius yûlkhûmu / ˈjʊlxʊmu/ v. segregate yûlmat / ˈjʊlmat/ nn. icon yûlmeş / ˈjʊlmeʃ/ nm. pedal yûlmuv / ˈjʊlmuv/ nm. hat yûlpi / ˈjʊlpi/ nm. uniform yûluf / ˈjʊluf/ nf. knight 47 yûlûsôt / ˈjʊlʊsɔt/ nn. laundry yûlyan / ˈjʊljan/ nn. lettuce yûlyûye / ˈjʊljʊje/ adj. delicious yûm /j ʊm/ v. record yûme / ˈjʊme/ nm. cabin, inn, lodge yûmi / ˈjʊmi/ v. matter yûmo / ˈjʊmo/ nm. island yûmre / ˈjʊmre/ nn. honor, dignity, pride yûmyi / ˈjʊmji/ v. exaggerate yûn /j ʊn/ v. kiss yûnad / ˈjʊnad/ v. withstand yûnas / ˈjʊnas/ v. innovate yûo / ˈjʊo/ v. laugh, giggle yûr /j ʊr/ pron. I, me yûryo / ˈjʊrjo/ nn. label yûryu / ˈjʊrju/ v. bid yûsa / ˈjʊsa/ v. examine yûşfid / ˈjʊʃfid/ v. allocate yûşfôd / ˈjʊʃfɔd/ nn. franchise yûsi / ˈjʊsi/ v. take apart, dismantle yûsôn / ˈjʊsɔn/ nm. date yûsôş / ˈjʊsɔʃ/ nm. fish yûsra / ˈjʊsra/ nm. bow (decorative material) yûsro / ˈjʊsro/ v. build, construct, produce yûsru / ˈjʊsru/ nm. hobby yûsu / ˈjʊsu/ v. arrive, happen yûşûfus / ˈjʊʃʊfus/ nm. student yûsul / ˈjʊsul/ nm. cliff yûsut / ˈjʊsut/ nf. arrival yûsûvû / ˈjʊsʊvʊ/ nm. affection yûsuz / ˈjʊsuz/ v. pledge yût /j ʊt/ v. write yûta / ˈjʊta/ nf. seat yûtu / ˈjʊtu/ nm. detention yûu / ˈjʊu/ nm. bark (of tree) yûv /j ʊv/ adj. different, distinct yûva / ˈjʊva/ nm. whiskey yûvne / ˈjʊvne/ adj. cozy yûvni / ˈjʊvni/ nf. yogurt yûvô / ˈjʊvɔ/ nm. spinach yûvrûhe / ˈjʊvrʊhe/ nm. avenue yûvruş / ˈjʊvruʃ/ nm. cinnamon yûvu / ˈjʊvu/ v. import yûvûr / ˈjʊvʊr/ nf. difference yûyi / ˈjʊji/ v. buy, purchase, shop yûyo khmalhô / ˈjʊjo ˈ xmalhɔ/ nf. owl yûyo / ˈjʊjo/ nm. night, evening yûyô / ˈjʊjɔ/ nm. tuition yûyu / ˈjʊju/ v. wear, put on yûz /j ʊz/ prep. at yûze / ˈjʊze/ num. four yûzi / ˈjʊzi/ nf. face, side, front, expression Z za /za/ conj. that zabu / ˈzabu/ v. request, appeal zabûsri / ˈzabʊsri/ det. whose zad /zad/ nf. technology zada / ˈzada/ nm. relationship zadal / ˈzadal/ adj. technological zado / ˈzado/ nm. demise zadof / ˈzadof/ nm. strawberry zadu / ˈzadu/ v. read zadzam / ˈzadzam/ v. inspire zadzôl / ˈzadzɔl/ nn. caterpillar zadzoş / ˈzadzoʃ/ nn. curve, curl zaf /zaf/ nf. station zafna / ˈzafna/ v. count, calculate zafne / ˈzafne/ nm. violin zafni / ˈzafni/ nm. butter zafno / ˈzafno/ v. compose zafşa / ˈzafʃa/ nn. bay, harbor zafşe / ˈzafʃe/ v. surpass zafşi / ˈzafʃi/ v. insult zafşo / ˈzafʃo/ v. postpone zafşô / ˈzafʃɔ/ v. scream zafum / ˈzafum/ nn. ice zagi / ˈzagi/ nm. territory zaglo / ˈzaglo/ nm. compliment zagûvnud / ˈzagʊvnud/ v. camp zahe / ˈzahe/ prep. near zahi / ˈzahi/ prep. over zahô / ˈzahɔ/ v. hum zahtal / ˈzahtal/ adj. flat zahtod / ˈzahtod/ v. applaud zahtos / ˈzahtos/ v. tackle zahu / ˈzahu/ v. stumble, limp zahyôfne / ˈzahjɔfne/ v. blush zahyûfşe / ˈzahjʊfʃe/ v. enhance zahzir / ˈzahzir/ nn. eel zahzuş / ˈzahzuʃ/ adj. stunning zake / ˈzake/ v. trumpet zakhôdô / ˈzaxɔdɔ/ num. hundred zakhud / ˈzaxud/ nf. democracy zakhuz / ˈzaxuz/ v. crush, grind, squash zakol / ˈzakol/ v. capture, seize zakud / ˈzakud/ nm. millennium zakûnem / ˈzakʊnem/ nm. comfort zal /zal/ nn. door, gate zaled / ˈzaled/ nm. license zalha / ˈzalha/ nm. miscarriage zalhe / ˈzalhe/ nn. address zalhi / ˈzalhi/ v. starve zalhô / ˈzalhɔ/ nf. fit zalhôlis / ˈzalhɔlis/ v. direct, conduct zalim / ˈzalim/ v. deduce zalkad / ˈzalkad/ nm. lightning zalkem / ˈzalkem/ v. shine, glow zalkha / ˈzalxa/ nn. value, profit zalkhûlyuz / ˈzalxʊljuz/ adj. excess zalkim / ˈzalkim/ adj. close zalkod / ˈzalkod/ nf. bra zalkôl / ˈzalkɔl/ nm. culture, tradition zalkum / ˈzalkum/ v. punish zalmeş / ˈzalmeʃ/ nm. spectrum zalmir / ˈzalmir/ adj. pink zalmiz / ˈzalmiz/ adj. endangered zalmôgû / ˈzalmɔgʊ/ v. bluff zalmur / ˈzalmur/ v. nurture zalôhyôl / ˈzalɔhjɔl/ v. invent zalon / ˈzalon/ nf. hip zalpu / ˈzalpu/ nn. canoe zalpûmu / ˈzalpʊmu/ adj. great zalpûsu / ˈzalpʊsu/ v. combat zalus / ˈzalus/ v. disrupt zalyuf / ˈzaljuf/ nm. record zam /zam/ nm. summer zama / ˈzama/ adj. native zame / ˈzame/ nn. urn zami / ˈzami/ nm. hormone zamo / ˈzamo/ pron. none zamru / ˈzamru/ v. fly zamrut / ˈzamrut/ nn. flight zamyo / ˈzamjo/ v. sink zamyô / ˈzamjɔ/ v. blow zan /zan/ prep. into zaned / ˈzaned/ v. sneak zanem / ˈzanem/ adv. aboard zanoz / ˈzanoz/ v. deserve zanşi / ˈzanʃi/ adv. where zanud / ˈzanud/ nm. almond zanum / ˈzanum/ nm. pyramid zaô / ˈzaɔ/ v. bring zar /zar/ nm. guy zare / ˈzare/ adj. mandatory zari / ˈzari/ nm. cigarette zarôlkhi / ˈzarɔlxi/ nn. coal zaru / ˈzaru/ nf. secret zarye / ˈzarje/ v. embed zas /zas/ nm. good, nice zaş /za ʃ/ nn. health zaşe / ˈzaʃe/ nm. crystal 48 zasen /ˈzasen/ nm. arsenal zasil /ˈzasil/ nf. syrup zasôs /ˈzasɔs/ nm. pubic hair zasre /ˈzasre/ adj. apparent zasu /ˈzasu/ nm. organ zaşu /ˈzaʃu/ nm. gum zate /ˈzate/ v. stab zatûdof /ˈzatʊdof/ nn. celebrity zatûho /ˈzatʊho/ nf. accent (of language) zatûvo /ˈzatʊvo/ num. six zau /ˈzau/ nf. position zav /zav/ nf. flame zavi /ˈzavi/ nf. police zavnad /ˈzavnad/ nn. premiere zavnam /ˈzavnam/ v. incorporate zavno /ˈzavno/ prep. upon zavnûa /ˈzavnʊa/ v. shake, shock zavnud /ˈzavnud/ adj. fast, smart, intelligent, clever zavrel /ˈzavrel/ nm. disk zavrol /ˈzavrol/ v. nod zavrôte /ˈzavrɔte/ nf. peak zavu /ˈzavu/ nm. pair, duo zaya /ˈzaja/ v. spell zayat /ˈzajat/ nm. spelling zaye /ˈzaje/ v. arrest zayi /ˈzaji/ nm. clothes, clothing, garment zayô /ˈzajɔ/ nm. commission zayûgo /ˈzajʊgo/ nm. prose zaz /zaz/ v. mark zaza /ˈzaza/ v. animate zaze /ˈzaze/ adj. simple, poor zazi /ˈzazi/ nm. cheek zazu /ˈzazu/ nf. pub ze /ze/ nf. friend zed /zed/ nm. nail zel /zel/ v. give, deliver, donate zem /zem/ v. stand zen /zen/ nm. harvest, autumn zer /zer/ v. expire zes /zes/ nf. excitement zeş /zeʃ/ nf. roster zet /zet/ nm. rod, shaft, bar, pole zev /zev/ nn. snake zez /zez/ adj. big, large, massive, immense, enormous, huge zof /zof/ nf. niece zol /zol/ v. whisper zon /zon/ nm. transport zos /zos/ nm. mint zoş /zoʃ/ v. manage zov /zov/ adj. major zoz /zoz/ nm. dome