Cleric's Canticle spell Props for RPG, LARP, & Cosplay


Mark Reed here, from Noble Dwarf Printing, to tell you all about our newest Kickstarter!

The Cleric's Canticle is a 16 page Handmade spell book prop for cleric's.
Each spell chosen specifically for this Kickstarter, inspired by 5th edition has been designed to function across RP platforms.

When Noble Dwarf Printing decided to publish a spellbook, we knew we had to find the right talent.
We began our search, and found the exact talent we were looking for, over at Lightfish Studios.
Combining the artful skills of Lightfish Studios, with the many years of printing experience at Noble Dwarf Printing; has resulted in some amazingly beautiful and useful pieces, that will add depth to your Role Play. 

The Cleric's Canticle is a collection of masterfully designed Spell Scrolls. Whether it is for your weekly RPG, your monthly LARP group, or even your Wizarding World Cosplay, this set of scrolls is just for you. 

Check out our first offering of 10 cleric scrolls, which cover cantrips and some level 1 spells.
Each spell has been chosen specifically, just for this project.
Spell scrolls can be purchased individually or in a Spell Book set. 

Keep and eye open for our 2 Second Level Kickstarter Exclusive Scrolls, which will be found in the spell books during this Kickstarter only!

Amazing, is the only word that can describe our Stretch Goals!
Our first of five amazing stretch goals, adds the Blacksmithing talents of Gil Ramirez -The Vlogsmith. 
Gil will be hand-crafting the binding bars used to support the spine of each spell book. 
Each bar will have a "stippled" effect with rounded corners, adding beautiful detail to every inch of this masterpiece. 
Follow Gil on both Twitter and Instagram @GiltheVlogsmith
Spell Book Covers (Stained Glass colors changed to red and grey)
Large Book Cover
First edition run of the large Tome is limited to 25 numbered copies
Side By Side Size Comparison
Spell Book Breakdown

Once the cover of the book has reached its zenith we turn our focus back to the pages of this fantastic collectible.

2 Kickstarter exclusive Level 2 Spells (Zone Of Truth, Locate Object)

4 more achievable stretch goals add (Spare the dying, Sanctuary, Inflict Wounds, and Healing Word) For a total of 16 canvas pages with front and back prints!

Backer Levels

Choose Any 1 Spell Scroll
Choose Any 3 Spell Scrolls
Choose Any 5 Spell Scrolls
Collect All 10 Loose Spell Scrolls
Complete Handmade Spell Book
Early Back

Check out this unboxing video by James J. Haeck

James is the lead Writer at DnD Beyond. Follow James (@jamesjhaeck) on twitter.

 We use top quality archival materials throughout this project.

Starting with American Made gallery canvas coming straight from our friends at Breathing Color in Austin.
This ensures highest quality prints while maintaining all safety standards.
Our ECO friendly inks also made in America, provide wide color range while following all OSHA protocols.
Every piece of this project that could be, was sourced from an American company from American parts.