Chuck Clutterbuck's Codex of Cartography is a new collaboration between Noble Dwarf Printing and Elven Tower Cartography to bring you a handmade traveler’s map book!

Combining the wondrous talents of Elven Tower with the many years of printing experience at Noble Dwarf has resulted in some amazingly beautiful and useful pieces, that will add depth and realism to your gaming experiences.

This all-new tome starts at 20 pages containing 40 maps of multiple fantasy lands, cities, and dungeons that are perfect for use in your RPG's, LARP's, and Cosplay. 

Internet host and DM B. Dave Walters was one of the first people to receive Chuck's Codex; check out his reaction, and some other members of the streaming and LARP communities! 


Each sheet of gallery canvas has been printed front & back with 40 maps to fill each book with as much detail as possible!

We are thrilled to be once again adding the Blacksmithing talents of Gil Ramirez -The Vlogsmith. Gil will be hand-crafting the binding bars used to support the spine of each spell book. Each bar will have a "stippled" effect with rounded corners, adding beautiful detail to every inch of this masterpiece.

Follow Gil on both Twitter and Instagram @GilTheVlogsmith

Building on the amazing success of The Cleric's Canticle we are thrilled to offer more customization and control to you our backers, with more color options and our design your own cover feature you really can create that truly one of a kind piece for your collection.

Our first amazing stetch goal adds 16 pages of fine art paper in 4 different styles to add function as well, these sheets come Lined for notes, blank for doodles, and both square and ISO grids so you can create maps of your own.

Maps, Maps, and more Maps will be added as we successfully pass each of our stretch goals, so share this project with all your friends.

Check out this video from our 400% funded Kickstarter, The Cleric's Canticle to see how our books are made and what really goes into each and every work of art we create!

Notice the size difference in the standard book (7" X 9.25") and the Tome of Excellence that is the (14.25" X 18")

We are thrilled to offer new add-ons in the form of Exclusive Noble Dwarf Mini's! Now you can add Chuck Clutterbuck the Cartographer and Phynrek Printsetter the Noble Dwarf to your home game as well. 3d printed @28mm scale these mini's will feel right at home in your collection.

Elven Tower has been creating maps and adventures for years. With over 200 maps and a Silver Ennie award for his website, Elven Tower Cartography was the perfect choice for this Codex. Creating maps and adventures for his patrons has become a way of life, and if you would like please support him on Patreon.

Some art assets used by Elven Tower Cartography were created by Deven Rue. All credit due.

We use top quality archival materials throughout this project. Starting with our amazing gallery canvas, all the way to the special book glue used to ensure the highest quality prints while maintaining all safety standards. Our ECO friendly inks are made in America, and provide wide color range while following all OSHA protocols.

We are proud to be a Veteran Owned company based in TX!