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Hi, I'm Alyssa Faden: professional fantasy map cartographer. My passion (and the thing I am best known for) are my incredibly detailed, insane, hand-drawn maps: be they cities and towns, nautical ship deck plans, or the sprawling Tegel Manor drawn at 14'x12': my hallmark is and will always be: incredible detail and personality. 

Maps should tell a story, and I weave into my creations little vignettes and scenes that cause the viewer to see new details and stories, weeks, months, and years later. A balcony overlooking a market square, crates drawn on the piers, a hidden shack on a forest trail: a map is more than just lines drawn on paper; it should show the life of the occupants, a plausible growth over the years, sow the seeds of adventure, and cause you - the onlooker - to take a breath and ponder: "oh, what's going on here?"

And that is what I create: fantasy maps that spellbind anyone looking at them.

The Cartographer

I have been a professional cartographer and GenCon panelist since 2012. My clientele includes Monte Cook Games, Kobold Press, Profantasy Software, Gygax Magazine, Golden Goblin Press, and Frog God Games.

My style is unique and self-taught, with influences from the lovely ink work of such greats as Jeff Laubenstein and Jeff Easley.

I am a long time Blue/Red box gamer with a passion for tabletop gaming and game mastering, and these decades of imagination and storytelling come through in my artwork.

The Maps