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About the Art: 

Southport is the small port village in the canyon on the banks of the river…. There are 2 other settlements as well; A fortified keep and town up on the cliff tops overlooking the canyon, and a vertically stacked city or mage-university in its own little space the SW

About the Artist: Hi, I am Janice (AKA Misjay) I am an Australian Artist, Photographer and Cartographer who has been, among other things, a tour guide, maintenance & operations manager, fruit picker, architectural draftsperson, and a graphic designer. Since 2019 I have been exploring fantasy maps of all scales.
Settlement maps are my absolute favorite scale to map at.

I love to be able to create a map that is more than just a practical map, I want it to be something you want to explore, to be able to wander around and be curious about who lives there and what is that just around the corner?
If the story tries to write itself when you look at it, and if there is room for many many stories, then it is a map I am pleased to be able to share. 


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