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Konrad Kraken 3d Printed Miniature Legends of Calindria

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You know it is dangerous to sail these waters.

I mean anything can happen when you're so far from land. However, "insurance" and "protection" from... can be bought if you know the right people... Well in this case if you know the right Kraken, and that Kraken is me.

Konrad to my wife, Boss to my minions, and Scurge to my enemies.

Tall: 83mm
Wide: 67mm
Deep: 61mm

This epic miniature is 3D printed at 35 microns in-house using state of the art resin printers providing unmatched detail and strength. 

We use Citadel™ primers to ensure your minis arrive ready to paint.

*These are 3D printed resin models and as such are subject to small artifacts or minor deviations. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.