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Krispy and Kolt Kraken 3d Printed Miniature Legends of Calindria

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Krispy and Kolt Kraken 

The "Kraken Twins" two of the seas most vicious enforcers. One has a major drug problem the other a distinct disregard for authority. Which is which? Trust me, you do not want to find out.


Kraken Twins each
Tall: 34mm
Wide: 26mm
Deep: 26mm

This is a pair of miniatures and their bases

This epic miniature is 3D printed at 35 microns in-house using state of the art resin printers providing unmatched detail and strength. 

We use Citadel™ primers to ensure your minis arrive ready to paint.

*These are 3D printed resin models and as such are subject to small artifacts or minor deviations. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.