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Shake This Prop to See What Potion You Got!

Did you know that floating inside every Magic 8-Ball there’s a twenty-sided die?
It’s true. But that fact was nothing more than a curiosity until it landed among the fertile minds of Noble Dwarf Printing. What if that old toy tech could be used to make playing fantasy role-playing games better?
Thus was born The Magical Draught of Happenstance. The Draught is a gorgeously sculpted potion bottle for DMs to hand to their players. Shake it, and turn it over, and the name of the potion discovered will float up out of the dark, just like on a Magic 8-Ball. Of the twenty potions contained within the Draught of Happenstance, ten are helpful and ten are harmful, so every shake and turn of the bottle is a tense moment at the table.  
The Magical Draught of Happenstance
Yes, the Draught of Happenstance is beautiful, and a ton of fun, but it is also something new and unique in the gaming hobby. We all love randomized tables. One of the insights of the Old School Renaissance movement is that a randomized table is really a list of great ideas to spark play. The Draught of Happenstance takes the randomized table and translates it into physical reality. Instead of being ink and paper in a book, the Draught of Happenstance is a randomized table evolved into a prop which players can clutch and coo over. It is a piece of your fantasy world brought forth into our reality, evidence that the stories you tell through game are real enough to touch. The Draught of Happenstance even comes unpainted so you can customize it for whatever fantasy world you are playing in. 
But the best thing about the Draught of Happenstance might be the price point. It’s only $20 to buy one for your group. (Shipping not included.) 
The Noble Dwarf crew already has two successfully funded and delivered Kickstarters under their belt, a collection of gorgeous cleric scrolls and a codex of cartography. You can be confident that what Noble Dwarf promises, they can deliver in spades.    
Role-playing games are one of the best things in life. Make your game next level with the Magical Draught of Happenstance. Hurry over to Kickstarter right now to back the Noble Dwarves in their effort to make RPG experiences the best they can be.    

Today's post was sponsored, obviously, by Noble Dwarf. They're a company I'm proud to partner with because their products just plain make role-playing games better, and in my experience, the Noble Dwarves are people who do what they say and say what they do. If you have any feedback for me on the post, or for them, I'd love to hear it!

-Ben Riggs



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