Welcome to The Legends of Calindria release of Dandy Clause the Orpheric Christmas Ornament.

Orpheric’s are a unique species of monster found only in the magical realms of Calindria.  While they may bear resemblance to creatures from strange and distant planes, the Orpheric’s have an evolved sense of logic and deep thinking which makes them just as likely to engage in dialog as in devastation.

Follow us on a Christmas journey where the legendary Mr. Dandy has decided he can do a better job at Christmas than ol' Saint Nick!

Available for the first time anywhere we will be offering this fantastic 3D printed miniature to the public in our upcoming Kickstarter!

A bit about these fantastic miniatures:

These models have been sculpted with 3D printing in mind; this lets us achieve stunning detail in a durable printed resin. Our printer farm contains some of the industries newest and best machines, giving us access to finer settings and faster print times.

So why are we launching a Christmas ornament in June?

Simple, printing takes time. Lots and lots of time.

All indicators suggest this will be a very popular miniature; we want to make sure there are no challenges in delivering them to all of our backers on time.

We know that you will need time to paint them and hang them on your tree or have a TPK.



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